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I've taken to watching the clips of some of the other shows on AfterElton's "Gays of Our Lives" (  I watch a Dutch show, and a couple of the American ones.  One Life to Live has had a lot of stuff going on with their gay characters lately.  I watched a subtitled clip from another German show, and I recognized some of the words and phrases the characters used.  Good to know my understanding of spoken German carries over from one show to another.  The titles of both the Dutch show and this German show translate in English to Good Times, Bad Times.  It's a little confusing, but I'm sure the actual titles are different.  Both shows also had recent gay-bashing scenes, last week the Dutch show and this week the German one.

I'm toying with the idea of going to New York for the Gays of Our Lives (no connection) event (  You get to meet foreign actors who play gay characters, including the folks from Alles Was Zahlt and the actors who play Christian and Oliver (?) on Verbotene Liebe.  I haven't started watching Verbotene Liebe yet, though I'm sure there are plenty of YouTube clips of those characters as well.  Those who do watch it say that the gay characters are very boring now.  (Edited: The characters aren't boring -- they just had some bad storylines.)  Apparently they had some really good storylines in the past.  I expect there would be protestors there at the event, as there are at Philadelphia's Gay Pride March and festival, and at OutFest.  Especially with the storylines on AWZ, there is much in Deniz's story that homophobes could use as ammunition, from Roman's role in bringing out a teenaged Deniz -- despite the fact that the character of Deniz was meant to be gay all along -- to Deniz and Roman getting back together, which is kind of being interpreted on the show as Deniz becoming gay again.  I don't know how well informed protestors might be, but religious fundamentalists could have a field day with all that.  (Edited to add: No protestors.  Pleasant change.)

I expect, like the parades, for there to be many more gay-friendly people there than not.  It will be interesting to see how many are women.  My guess is a pretty large percentage.  As with M/M romance readers, I wonder how many of the women are friends with any actual gay people.  I would anticipate some awkward questions.  It sounds like a really neat event, though.
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