neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

still learning German

I got a fair amount from today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt (  Eskimo Kiss Project ( just showed the scenes with Jenny and Marian, and Jenny and Richard.  There was quite a bit with Ben and Katja, too, and more with Richard.  I understood some of what Ben was telling Katja.  It's not like the show tries for language that is difficult for native speakers or people fluent in German to understand.  I've learned quite a few words from my immersion in it, and connecting the words in German to the English words in the subtitles.  Of course, Roman talks very fast a good deal of the time, but the other characters understand him just fine.  I pick out words he says as well as I pick out any other character's words.  I think he enunciates better than some.  Tomorrow's episode will have Deniz, and -- God help us -- more of Ingo trying to be a comedian.
Tags: soap opera

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