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got out this weekend

Well, not out of town or anything, but Saturday P. and I did driving practice, then shopping.  We got to the Indian grocery and to Best Buy, as P. had gotten a gift card for there.  She ended up getting some kind of box with which she could watch DVDs in her room as well as in the other room of her apartment.  I got a CD wallet and $30 worth of $10 iTunes cards.  Our Christmas celebration with the relatives is coming up this weekend, and I'm sure more besides J. have iPods or iPhones.  Some of our relatives on Dad's side of the family are very privileged.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad had dropped her car off at Firestone.  I took her to get her car, then went off shopping.  I found A Touch of Dead, which are the short stories in the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) series.  I'm still upset about certain of the supporting characters being killed off in the last book, Dead and Gone.  They were characters I'd come to know and like, and they were brutally killed.  What happened to Sookie was bad, too.

I picked up Soap Opera Digest and ABC Soaps to see if they said anything about One Life to Live's Kyle and Oliver finally getting together.  They had e-mail comments from readers about the storyline, and one bit said the characters were happy to wake up together.  I guess I missed any articles about it.  I tried looking on www.soapoperadigest,com, but it's very slow to load, and I couldn't really look things up on it.  It's not terribly functional or user-friendly.  I doubt either magazine would have a cover picture of the characters together, but I was hoping for a good long article.

Not to be outdone by Lisabea, I watched the episodes of Alles Was Zahlt ( that I'd avoided so far.  Those were the episodes where Deniz dated Vanessa, and the episodes where Deniz worked as a call boy.  The episodes with him stringing Roman along and lying to everyone while he started dating Vanessa were fairly painful to watch.  Deniz was far less convincing in the love scenes with Vanessa than he had been in the love scenes with Roman.  The spark wasn't really there.  At least Deniz didn't claim that he was completely heterosexual during that time.  He doesn't really seem to do well with labels.  He falls in love, whether with a man or a woman.  Deniz did say that when he realized he was into guys, he was unhappy about it.  He had a really tough time trying to accept himself.  In some ways, being with Roman the first time around helped, and in some ways it didn't.  Deniz never stopped finding Roman sexy, through hundreds of episodes after they'd broken up.

The first time Deniz and Roman dated, after Deniz finally came out, Roman's friends expected that he'd be as comfortable with his sexuality as they were with it, as comfortable with himself as Roman was.  Roman is supposed to be ten or twelve years older than Deniz, had his share of experience with men, and took publicly outing himself in stride.  Two or three weeks after outing himself to Roman, a week after outing himself to his father, seventeen- or eighteen-year-old Deniz was expected to fully participate in a serious relationship.  Deniz seemed fine with losing his virginity to Roman, and happy with the physical aspects of the relationship, but was completely unprepared emotionally.  He was more comfortable on some levels dating Vanessa, in a socially far more approved relationship, with someone his own age and far closer to his maturity level.

This time around, Deniz is twenty to Roman's thirty-ish.  He'd had a couple of years to really deal with whatever his sexual orientation is.  Labels still don't seem to really work for him, but this time he's able to deal with being out, and in love with a man.  Marian accepts Roman and Deniz's relationship, their friends are supportive, and Deniz is much more stable emotionally than he was, and has matured a lot.
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