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I got my checkbook balanced, and even after my e-book shopping, I still had enough left to pay my credit card bills.  I suppose that's something of a yay.  Now I need to read more of the books I got.  I've read most of the short stories.  I need to get to some of the novellas.  I also need to continue to work on my new editing assignment, which has a werewolf, but doesn't have any spaceships.  I'm waiting on word whether it's part of a series, as it did have a loose connection to a holiday story, and may be the beginning of its own series.  I like Kate Hill's stories.  Even though several of her books were featured in the Ugly Covers competition (, the stories themselves were cute ones.  I think I'd proofed them all.  They weren't high literature, but they were entertaining.  The first couple of Ugly Cover competitions really seemed to stack the deck in favor of having a cover by one particular company winning.  I saw most of those books long before they had covers, so I had my own ideas of what the characters looked like.

Alles Was Zahlt ( didn't have Roman and Deniz this episode, so I don't suppose Eskimo Kiss Project ( will have clips.  They said they were ending the "Current Episodes" playlist with yesterday's episode (838).  I'm hoping they start a new 2010 playlist.  I'll test my German vocabulary and knowledge of the characters for the storylines EKP hasn't been following.  In this episode, Lars thinks he ran Stella over, and is feeling guilty.  He tells Stella he thinks it must have been him, and that he's really, really sorry.  Meanwhile, the actual person at fault for nearly running Stella over is also feeling guilty, and tries to confess, but gets interrupted by Stella being extremely perky, despite her injuries.  At least he's having nightmares about running her over, but he's probably got more of a conscience than just about any other character currently on the show.  Stella seems to have mostly forgiven Lars.  I would have held a grudge about Lars driving impaired, and leaving her by the side of the road as he drove off, but it didn't take Stella long to go back to being perky and wise beyond her years and forgiving.  She was certainly quick to tell Lars it was completely understandable that he tried to drown Jenny.  It actually was completely understandable in that case.  I think almost nobody except Marian would have cared at that point if Jenny had been drowned.

At the end of today's episode, the police show up, wanting to get the person who had hit Stella.  Looks like Lars is going to jail, or at least will be driven to drink again.  I'm looking forward to the police interrogation, with Detective Koch.  She did a great job of breaking down Deniz.  Poor Deniz -- in that particular case he was "unschuldig" (innocent), as he kept saying.  Detective Koch almost always ends up being wrong about who the guilty party is, but she's fabulous at those interrogations.

Ben tries to cheer up his dad by pointing out that Richard didn't sign over everything -- he still has a coffeemaker left.  I'm wondering if the bit at the end of the episode will end up being a dream sequence.  I've missed the "cracky dream sequences of win."  I'm ready for some happy, cracky, comedy stuff -- but please God, not more Ingo as a really bad comedian.  Do all the characters know now that mixing Maximum and vodka makes you hallucinate?  Ben and Katja are new.  They could find an old crate of Maximum and have sparkly hallucinations.
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