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Lisabea ( said she'd been watching Alles Was Zahlt ( for four days straight, the Eskimo Kiss Project clips (  I gave Water Tower the credit for getting me hooked on the show in the first place.  Lesley W. seems to be a big fan as well, and told me which episodes were her favorites.  I'm enjoying the New Year episodes.  (*possible spoilers*)  Stella survived getting run over, and Oliver promptly found her.  The Steinkamps and von Altenbergs continue to scheme.

Roman tried to decide what he would do now that he's retired from skating and modeling.  He got an idea, but one which means he'll be out of town for a week or two.  I'll miss him, but the actor probably needs a vacation.  At least they're not sending Roman to a sanatorium like they did with Simone, or to Buenos Aires, like with Axel.  It seems like the actors are all taking their vacations, a couple or three people at a time.  When are they going to send Stella out of town?  Surely she'll want to visit her father in the circus.  Well, I'm sure Deniz will continue to be involved in some plotlines, even with Roman away.  He wasn't too friendly with Ben the first time around, since they both had feelings for Vanessa.  (Ben and Vanessa had dated before finding out they were brother and sister.)  Now that Deniz is gay again, and Vanessa is in Boston, Ben and Deniz are getting along fairly well.

Someone on the Gays of Daytime message board ( wrote that they only wanted to see clips with Deniz and Roman in them.  I kind of like how EKP shows clips of other characters as well, depending on the characters.  HQ75 pointed out that "Roman and Deniz are pretty integrated into other storylines" and people commented that they have lives outside their relationship with each other.  They've got their friends and family and jobs.  They deal with plenty of other people in one way or another.  Considering it's a soap opera, some of the characters do actually have relatively healthy relationships.  I think that's kind of cool.
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