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got out, watched soap opera

Work night at the bookstore.  We got a lot of Christmas decorations put away, and put some new things in the window.  E. put in a chair with an afghan thrown over it, and a basket of yarn next to the chair.  It looked quite cozy.  We put health and wellness books in the window, and some for quitting smoking.  We figured a lot of people had made resolutions to lose weight and/or stop smoking.  I put up new signs for the category romances, and we talked about having a romance sale in February.  E. will have to remind me at the end of January.

After four days without seeing a new episode of Alles Was Zahlt, I was having withdrawal.  I'd watched some favorite older episodes again over that time, but I was waiting for the New Year celebration.  Roman, Deniz, Marian, Celine and Katja partied in Annette, Ingo and Ben's flat.  Annette introduced Katja as her sister.  The group did the little ceremony of pouring bits of lead into a bowl of water, and seeing what the pieces look like.  Apparently it's a German thing.  They did the countdown in front of Annette's fry stand, then the fireworks went off and the couples kissed.

Eskimo Kiss Project ( did a very short clip.  There was a lot more going on in the original episode -- Oliver did his first surgery on an African boy brought to Germany for an operation.  Things did not go well.  Lars was having a lot of trouble driving, due to a combination of head injury and the meds he was taking for it, and he and Stella were arguing about that and how he was swerving all over the road and had nearly hit another car.  Lars stopped the car, and Stella got out to take over driving.  Lars drove off without her.  Stella stood in the middle of the road and got run over.  I wasn't as upset about it as I would have been if it had happened to Annette, or the Ozturks, or Roman, or even Celine.  I don't think that EKP has even mentioned that Simone is back, and immediately scheming.  She was scheming with Max by phone while she was away, so she just took it up again in person.

EKP of course included the scene with all the couples kissing.  Marian rather snarkily called Roman his daughter-in-law, but it was good to see Marian and Deniz getting along so well now.  Deniz really has gotten more mature, and Marian accepted his son being in love with a man so much better than he did the first time around.  Next episode's ad photo is a picture of Roman and Deniz kissing.  Not that they don't do that all the time on the show now, but to have it as the photo for the episode?  Pretty cool, and shows again that they're being treated like any other couple on the show.  I'm looking forward to next episode.  Someone is supposed to find Stella, so that takes away what could have stretched into a few days of suspense, and will cause immediate drama.  The Steinkamps and von Altenbergs will continue their scheming, of course.  I'm sure EKP's clips will skip those parts, and focus on Roman deciding what he wants to do now that he's retired as a competitive skater.

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