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Sunday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 or 1:30 a.m., I think.  I must have fallen to sleep very quickly.  I woke at 7:00 a.m., then went back to sleep until 10:00 a.m.

Mom and I went to a grocery store, but it wasn't the usual grocery store, so at least it was a change of scene.

I talked to Jamie for a bit.

Biyuti had sent me disability AU fics.  Some I'd read before.  Some I hadn't.  I started one where Blaine had agoraphobia and panic attacks, and hadn't left his home in several years.

I made plans with S.M. to come over to her house at 3:00 p.m., so we could look at the pictures I'd taken.  I told her about my sambac jasmine blooming.

I went out and looked around the yard a little.  Something had eaten the buds off several of the tiger lilies.  Presumably deer, as that's three or four feet above the ground.  Earlier, something had eaten the buds off the daylilies by the mailbox.  It's very discouraging.  Lilies and daylilies are both edible to humans, and apparently the deer find them very edible as well.

I heard from V. again.  I need to e-mail her back.  [Later: I e-mailed her back.]

"The Musketeers" is on tonight.  This episode is Porthos' origin story.

Later: I went over to S.M.'s.  I forgot the USB cord to my camera, but it was interchangable with the one she has, so I was able to download the pictures I took of her garden and remind her how to name and save them.  We went over to look at the flowers where the garden club meets.  They were very pretty.

I recommended the website Speak Its Name to V., for reviews of historical books.  I went there, and they had interviews with L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov.  I've read one book co-written by Aleks.  I've read several by L.A. Witt.  I've never corresponded directly with Aleks, but I know a bunch of people who know him.  Like six degrees, only it's one degree -- Marquesate, among others.  Odds are that some of the Macaronis correspond with him, and I think James Buchanan does.

I talked a bit with Kira.  I told her that I'd learned about sounds from reading a Jarheads book, and about how Sean Michael had educated a generation of readers.

I looked at Predatrix' journal.  She had posted something this year.  If I want an "aten't dead" update, I ask Jules.  I should do a "Predatrix, meet FicDirectory" thing.

I talked a bit with Jen the Proofreading Goddess.

Later still: I watched "The Musketeers."  I saw what had happened on Porthos' birthday and the show's versions of Flea and Charon.  Rainjoy didn't say that Charon was black.  She did have Charon having a gun, but her Charon had Flea hold it for him.  Rainjoy's Flea is a water affinity.  I wonder if her Charon will be an affinity.  I didn't know if Flea would survive.  As far as the show goes, I'm trying not to get to like Constance too much, because I know Milady de Winter kills her.  Marie de Medici is in the next episode.  It should be interesting.  I wonder if Rainjoy will have a Marie de Medici.

Athos actually went into the Court of Miracles looking for Porthos.  That's going to be fun when Rainjoy gets to it.  She has Porthos thinking that Athos is a posh boy.  I think the show's Athos speaks in Received Pronounciation, if I'm right about what Received Pronounciation is.  One of the other characters characterized Athos' speech as having "pristine vowels" in the Affinity!Verse.  Ironically, the actor didn't finish high school, and the actor who plays Porthos went to college.  Or so Wikipedia says.  But the show's Athos, the Comte de la Fere, dressed up in rough clothes and went into a slum looking for his friend.

I talked a little more with Jamie.  We talked about gay Marvel Universe characters and Greek love. 
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