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a few accomplishments

I got this week's editing assignment done, complete with giving James credit for the lesson on how engines work.  Given that another series by this same author has it necessary for a woman to work naked and strapped into an upright frame (and preferably having sex) in order to navigate the spaceship, I don't know how much attention her fans will pay to something as mundane as an engine, but I still wanted to get it right.

Mom and I went to the grocery store.  That was about it for my getting outside this weekend.  It was bitter cold here.  Even the ornamental kale looked like it had frozen.  The refrigerator was pretty full, so Mom wanted to just put some of the food outside.  I convinced her not to do that with the pudding, but a quart of iced tea went out on the porch.  Considering that the temperature is in the twenties or so, I expect the tea will be seriously iced.

I read another book by Barbara Karmazin, The Huntress.  This was published by Liquid Silver.  I'd complained about the difficulty I'd had searching for books there, but you are able to search by author.  I'd read a couple of her Loose Id stories.  I think I'd missed some backstory from other books in this series, but I like how she does science fiction world-building.  Sure, some of the aspects of the stories are blatantly for sexual purposes, but she's not alone there.  Besides, I find the wackiness entertaining.  Most of the books of hers I've seen are from 2004 or so, and so is the last entry on her website, so I'm wondering if she just wrote for a brief time, or if she switched to using another name.  Even with the wacky space alien sex, she does write good plots, and I find I want to read more stories set on those worlds.

I've done a lot of book shopping in the last few weeks, but I did have extra money.  I rationalize it by considering at least a little of it educational in that I look at how I'd edit the story.  And really, when I'm often house-bound to some extent in the winter, I need something to keep my mind busy, and keep me entertained. 
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