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several days of various activities

Nothing major -- some shopping, some reading, some proofing and editing, some soap opera watching.  Apparently I managed to get Lisabea ( hooked on Alles Was Zahlt (Eskimo Kiss Project clips:  She said she'd been watching it all morning.  I got the song which was originally in episode 770, and which Eskimo Kiss Project replaced for copyright reasons.  That was about a week before I started watching the show at RTL's online site (  So I played the song while I watched that part of the show, and it did go very nicely.  I'm used to the other song they put in instead, but it was cool to see how it was probably meant to go -- I was guessing on the timing of when the song would start and cut off, but pretty much used EKP's song timing.

Earlier in the week: got to Staples on Wednesday or Thursday to get printer ink and a flash drive.  I have a couple of USB drives around, but they're fairly full.  Quiet New Year's Eve.  Mom and I had some white zinfandel.  I like the Kahlua-and-cream better, but I used up all the cream.  I wanted to use it rather than have it go to waste.  I was using it on hot cereal, too.  Over the last few days, I used up the last of the small bottle of Kahlua I found after I bought the new bottle.  There wasn't that much left in the old bottle, and Mom helped with that, too.

I tried to take full advantage of the sale at Fictionwise, and got books by some new-to-me authors, though they've been around a good long while.  I don't think I'd read anything by Chris Owen before, except possibly in a big anthology, so I got a few of her books.  I'm going to wait until I read them all to really judge, but so far the writing is different than I thought it would be.  I read Carbon and Ash, which was in present tense.  The viewpoint character was really rather unperceptive, though he was meant to be so.  I was a little frustrated by how long it took him to figure things out.

I got several stories by Clare London.  I'd read an Advent Calendar story of hers before, but nothing longer.  I like her style, though a couple I read were somewhat on the angsty side.  I read Tere Michaels' Faith and Fidelity.  (*spoilers*)  Both protagonists, Matt and Evan, "turned" gay after having nothing but heterosexual thoughts for their first thirty-odd or forty-odd years.  There was much emotional connection before the characters did anything sexual, although at first it was really not sappy.  Matt absolutely adored Evan's four kids just as quickly as he realized he was in love with Evan.  That seemed so much like what a woman would dream of, for a man to instantly love her children, too.  There was a lot of angst in that one, and some lack of communication, as Evan suddenly panicked about being gay.  I just think it's far more likely that a woman would fall in love with a person regardless of that person's gender.  I don't think sexual orientations necessarily change like that for men.  The book was well-written, although it had elements I generally complain about.  I thought it was relatively realistic that the men didn't have a clue, rather than being instantly experts about all aspects of manlove.

I'd generally bought directly from the publisher before, but now that I've learned that some of the books are on sale much cheaper at Fictionwise, and that All Romance e-Books does giveaway promotions, I'll look at those sites more often.  I liked how ARe did that giveaway of certain books which were first in a series, though I'd already read the Alpha and Circe's Recruits series.  I hadn't read any of the Dark Elves books, so I'll have to try that one.  In their Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway, I got several books, some put out through publishers I'd never heard of before, or barely heard of.  But I figured why not give author and publisher a try, and see what I thought?  A few of the books were straight Harlequin books, so I think I'll recommend that Mom try those. 

New Year's Day: We went to have dinner with family friends Mrs. L and A.  They're the folks we had Thanksgiving with.  Mrs. L. made a really good broccoli, raisin and bacon salad.  We got the recipe.  It was nice to get out of the house and see people.  Mrs. L. told some stories about relatives, and I got A. to talk some about their cats -- they're very definitely cat people.  I think the cat provides A. with a lot of the company or companionship she gets.

Today -- some proofreading, some editing, some shopping for iTunes.  I got more which were on eighties movie soundtracks, and some by Leonard Cohen.  I used up the giftcard J. had given me, and paid for the rest of the song by PayPal, so now I have a charge of six cents.  I got several other songs, too.  I have no idea where the receipts for them went, though I hope I'll get notification somehow.  I figure if I paid them through PayPal also, PayPal would have sent a receipt.  It wasn't a whole lot of money, and I could figure out the total, but it's weird I didn't get an e-mail about it.  I found the order in my account history, though I couldn't get that to print out.  I had figured out the total correctly, so that was good.  (Edited to add: I got a PayPal receipt 1/6/2010 for the other songs I bought that day.  I guess that order just took a while to get to my e-mail.)
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