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Friday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m.  I'm not sure when I drifted off.  I woke at 10:00 a.m., so that was better than I'd been doing.

I got the free Fridays Nook book and some other free books readers had listed.  Some of the ones I got were romances, some were mysteries, and one was science fiction.

I sorted through on the Nook Dad is using, and deleted a bunch of Klaine fics.  It's not like he's going to be reading those, and the ones I deleted were ones I'd already read.  I have them in folders on my computer.  I put the new free books on their respective shelves on the Nook.  I didn't delete any of the fics on my Nook, but I sorted the new books onto the shelves on that Nook.

A few hours later: Mom dropped me off at the library while she went to the doctor.  I got a book about the Cardinal de Richelieu and books about the Ottoman Empire.  She picked me up, and we went to Sears, where I got another summer nightgown.  We went to the grocery store.

After we got home, I started reading the book on Cardinal Richelieu.  What I should get are books on the Habsburgs, to better understand what was going on around France.  I also want to read about the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Later: Dad went to put up a fan in my room.  He'd gotten a new light switch cover for the switch to the ceiling light, too.  He took off the ceiling light, and then started looking on YouTube for videos of how to put up a ceiling fan.  Now I have a new light switch cover to replace an old wooden one, but the light is no longer there, all in the same day.  I am finding it ironic.

I finished Eminence: Cardinal Richelieu and the Rise of France by Jean-Vincent Blanchard.  The blurb about the author says it's his first book in English.  I thought the book was well-written.  Appparently, some of the details that Alexandre Dumas used in The Three Musketeers had some basis in actual events.  Other parts were wild imagination.  But it was good to read Eminence, to get an idea of what actually happened and some reconstruction of what most likely happened in the more mysterious circumstances.

I read The Last Days of Imperial Vienna by Robert Pick.

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