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Thursday so far

I lay down a little after midnight, and lay there for a while.  I'm not sure when I went to sleep, but I woke up at 10:00 a.m.  I lay back down until 10:45 a.m.

I don't have particular plans, except that I want to catch Dad up on "The Musketeers" and work on an editing job.  [Slightly later: I finished the editing job.]

I read a little more Musketeers fic.  I read part of a werewolf Aramis story.  Rainjoy has yet to write a Three Musketeers werewolf fic, although she said she was tempted to write a vampire hunters AU.  She did a Glee werewolf fic, "Big Moon Rising" a.k.a. the Puppyverse.

I got the third book in the Land of Stories series.  I had pre-ordered a signed copy.  I read the first book.  I had started the second when I got it, but it started out depressing, and I didn't get too far.  Time to try again with the second book.

A few hours later: Dad and I watched the second and third episode of "The Musketeers."  Now he's all caught up.

I chatted with Jules for a bit.  I told her about "The Musketeers" and the fic.  She said no more extra reading until after the Hugo Awards.  She comes from a science fiction background with reading, as you can tell from some of her writing.  She's a scientist herself.  Her science fiction romances are much better than the "science fiction" romances by some romance authors I can think of.  I belatedly told Jules I'd read "Nice Tie."  I said it was just mild kink.  Alex liked to see a man tie a tie properly, and Robin liked to see a man shave.  They were pretty gentlemanly kinks compared to some.  Jules said it was fetish, but it wasn't really BDSM.

I finally found the bookmark to the Blaine Big Bang 2014 in among my favorites.  I have a lot of favorites marked.  I volunteered as a beta reader.  I didn't hear from anyone on other bangs I signed up to beta read this summer.  I expect some writers are waiting until the last minute.  So far it's been a pretty quiet summer for me, with the exception of a couple of visits to J. and K.  I have time to proofread.

I wonder if I should have put a note that I prefer to read Blaine fics with a multiracial Blaine.  In one historical fic I was the beta reader for, Blaine started out whitewashed.  I commented.  The writer and I racked our brains.  Blaine became the secret love child of a Chinese sailor.  It's much easier to have him be hapa to start with.
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