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Saturday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. and woke up a little before 10:00 a.m., so that wasn't bad.

I went outside and cut away little weed trees that were growing among the roses.  I want to prune the roses, but some have canes so thick that I would need to saw them.  I asked Dad if he wanted to prune the roses, but he was doing other things.  Hopefully he will work with me later.

A couple of hours later: I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast about #9 in their countdown, "Guilty Pleasures."  I had a lot of thoughts about that.

Later: I told Mom I was going out to a grocery store, and she came along for the ride.

I read some of FicDirectory's Glee meta, and some writing tagged "insights into disability."  FicDirectory explains that she has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair.  She has much to say about Artie and how other characters treat him.  I re-read the fic that she and her sister Tara Jean wrote for the "write what you know" fest.  It was a fic in which Blaine had the same kind of cerebral hemorrhage that Tara Jean did when Tara Jean was a junior in high school.  In some ways it reminded me of Lovesong.  I will look and see if anyone has asked Tara Jean what she thought of Lovesong.

Later still: I picked some roses.

Mom asked if I wanted to watch a Glee episode.  We watched "The Back-Up Plan."  Only two more episodes to go until we complete our marathon.

Later: I read some of FicDirectory's fics, and talked with J.-PA for a bit.
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