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So I already miss the flowers I had during the non-frozen part of the year.  This is when I stock up on indoor flowering plants.  But mentioning the Dr. Fell stories got me thinking about my comments on twink's journal ( about how pruning a sweet briar (eglantine) rose would be a great project for a bad boy.  That's something I hope Syd would feel free to use.  Heirloom Roses ( is almost done with their Early Bird sale.  I didn't order anything yet.  I asked for a gift certificate for there one year.  That was a fun order.  I used the gift certificate for me, then picked some with colors Mom would like, too.  They all got planted in pots, and very few survived the winter.  'Morning Has Broken' did very well, with a good bit of rebloom in the summer and fall, too.  I didn't expect 'Teasing Georgia' would be as hardy as it was.  Hybrid Teas will not survive the winter if they're in pots.  Being in pots means that it's the equivalent of being a climate zone or two colder for the plant in the pot, so they have to be really hardy to start with.  'Cardinal de Richelieu' should be that hardy, I think.  I forget what happened to the other rugosa or part-rugosa -- oh, 'Rosarie de l'Hay' (will edit for spelling later).  That was in a big pot near the White Rose of York and the backyard water faucet.  We'll see how that does.

What worked or didn't flowerwise this year: Snowdrops -- pretty good.  Crocuses: got eaten.  Pansies: got several flats more than I had room to plant in pots.  The ones I did plant performed well.  Daffodils: pretty good.  Want to mass more of the 'King Alfred' (yellow trumpet, yellow petals) type.  Lily-of-the-valley -- the ones in the rectangular pot by the Apothecary Rose bloomed.  Bleeding heart: bloomed.  Orris: very nice.  Blue flag iris: very nice.  Lilacs: good.  Magnolias: magnificent.  Old Garden Roses: pretty good, considering they haven't been fertilized in years, or pruned after blooming.  Four-o'-clocks: Did not get outside much when they were open, but it looked healthy enough.  Mistflower: very nice.  Will have to mark where it is so I don't weed it out.  It's a native flower, not a weed, otherwise known as "I want it there."  Speaking of native flowers: bee balm, all right, considering how badly that area needs weeding.  Elecampane: fairly spectacular.  I think it had three stalks of bloom, and considering that each stalk is easily five feet high, it was certainly noticeable.  Colchicum (autumn crocus): nice.  Went well with the purple of the ornamental kale.  Ornamental kale: still alive after over a foot on snow on top of it.  Mom was amazed.  Next thing to expect: snowdrops and winter honeysuckle.  Four more months.

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