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Very cold today.  First we went to [large independent local bookstore].  I'd wanted to get to the bank first, but Mom wanted to go to the bookstore first.  She didn't even have the purchase order number for two-thirds of the books she had waiting there for her.  I got to the secondhand bookstore for a little bit -- H.E. had already filled in the romance shelves there.  On the next trip out, we went to the bank and to the liquor store again, since it's right near the bank, conveniently enough.  Mom got another bottle of sherry so she was stocked up, and a bottle of white zinfandel.  I didn't get anything, since I have a bottle and a half of Kahlua currently.  I think there's another partially-filled bottle still around somewhere.  It will turn up when I buy another bottle of it, I'm sure.  But I got everywhere I really wanted to go today, so I was happy about that.  I still want to get to Staples to stock up on black ink for the printer, and back to [large independent local bookstore] to look around.  I asked for the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) series collection of short stories, but the guy at the information desk couldn't look it up just by the author's name.  I said it had been published in 2009 and probably had the word "Dead" in the title.  That still wasn't enough information for him.   I looked it up on Charlaine Harris' website.  It's called A Touch of Dead.  I don't think the guy at the bookstore was being terrifically helpful.  Sure, Charlaine Harris is a prolific writer, but she only published a certain amount of books in 2009.

Soap opera didn't have Deniz and Roman today.  Annette and Ingo finally actually communicated, rather than just screaming at each other.  Katja and Ben are cute together.  Annette reminded Ben about when he found out that Vanessa was his half-sister.  It wasn't too great for them, since Ben and Vanessa were in a romantic relationship at the time.  I thought it was rather mean of Annette.  Jenny and Maximillian were romantically involved for a while, too, before they found out they had the same mother. (Edited to add: No, they actually knew they were siblings.  Ick.)  Eskimo Kiss Project ( explains it as being one of those Steinkamp things.  It's not like Ben or Max even knew Vanessa or Jenny before they were adults.  Not that that necessarily makes it better.  Ingo dated both Annette and Lena, but not at the same time.  We'll see how things go with Ben and Katja.  EKP is interested in Katja's story, and it's on Alles Was Zahlt ( anyway, so I can watch it even if I don't understand too much of what the characters are saying.  The actress who plays Katja has such an expressive face, I can follow a lot of what the character is feeling. 

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