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I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  I had set my alarm, and made myself get up at 10:00 a.m.

I made it to an appointment.

The orris is blooming.  I took pictures of that and other flowers.  The portulaca has been blooming nicely on dry days.

I don't have big plans for the day.  I have an editing job to work on that's due Friday, and I have the two previous novelettes in the series to read to make sure of the continuity in the world-building.  I want to at least read those novelettes.

I will probably watch "The Untitled Rachel Berry Project" again.

News today is that Chris Colfer will be playing the young Noel Coward in a biopic.  I think it will just be called "Noel."  Sir Ian McKellan will also be in the movie.  It will be filmed in Great Britain in the late summer.  I've only ever seen a suburban theater production of "Hay Fever," but I've read a good bit about Noel Coward.  I wrote to several people I'd become online "friends" with from AfterElton (now The Backlot) to tell them about it.  I didn't see a post about it offhand on The Backlot, but I'm sure there is one.  [Later: They did put up an article about it.]  I'm looking forward to seeing that movie.  I wrote to S.M., too.  I'm sure she's heard of Noel Coward.

Later: S.M. wrote back that she'd go see the movie with me.  Uly said he thought it would be really fun if that were true.  I told him it was.

Mom and I watched "I Do" and "Girls (and Boys) on Film."  I said that at the end of the Finn and Rachel scene in "I Do" when Rachel puts a kiss on the sleeping Finn's head that that was the last time Finn and Rachel were ever in a room together.  Mom wondered why I had to tell her that.  She seemed a little bummed out.  I was sad (again or still).  Mom started watching Glee in the knowledge that Cory Monteith had died.  I think she kind of got to like Finn, though.  She's a big Rachel fan.  I think Kurt grew on her.  She knows that Kurt and Blaine are my favorite characters.
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