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Christmas-themed soap opera continues

Well, I watched the Eskimo Kiss Project's ( clips of today's episode.  I remembered that the Marianne Rosenberg references came from episode 321.  Apparently the writers really are looking back at the old episodes to see what happened in Deniz and Roman's romance the first time.  I don't know how Deniz can still blush after his past.  I haven't watched the episodes in which he was a call boy -- I'm kind of afraid to -- but he's had plenty of experience with Roman, experience with a number of women, and a little experience with other men besides Roman.  But Deniz said that the first time getting up on a stage was like the first time having sex.  Of course, Roman, the man who had taken his virginity, was right there.  It just got more awkward until Ingo joked about Roman spanking Deniz, and Deniz got all shy and blushing.  He was the Puppy tonight.  Roman was laughing about the spanking joke, too.  It seemed like the writers at Alles Was Zahlt have been reading the EKP folks' comments on how they want kink.

The karaoke was pretty funny.  Deniz should not quit his modeling job to become a singer, but he was cute.  He and Roman mangling a song together were cute, too.  Roman saying he wanted to sing "Dancing Queen" was hysterical.  I'm still not so clear on how heavy his accent is, or if the actor's accent is equally as heavy as the character's.  It depends what phrase or sentence he's saying.  I think the actor, Dennis G., must understand a lot of English.  I'd guess that his English comprehension is better than quite a few Americans', as with many Europeans.  (Edited, added this: Jan. 6, 2010, Eskimo Kiss Project put up a clip of Dennis G. speaking English with Lilith of EKP.  I noted that he has a mix of a German accent and a British one.  He certainly understood Lilith quite well.)

Off on another tangent, I keep thinking some of the words I can automatically translate from German are English words, and then I realize that they're French words, or pronounced very similarly to the way the French words are.

I like that AWZ is treating Deniz and Roman like any other couple on the show.  They're not second-class characters.  All the other major characters on the show know they're a couple, and they're more-or-less cool with it.  The good characters are supportive, and the evil characters would act evil with anybody.  So there's equality for you.  Even Deniz' father Marian has accepted Deniz being gay again much better than he accepted Deniz being gay the first time.

I'm looking forward to the big New Year's celebration.  I'm sure I'll post on that.


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