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TV watching -- "Old Dogs, New Tricks"

Like with much of the New York-focused Glee, I feel like viewers were given little gifts of lines and events.  I didn't forget that Chris Colfer had written it, and I was comparing it to how episodes written by regular Glee writers went.  It seemed to fit in well enough with continuing story arcs.  Some of the gifts were things Kurt said, so that was good.  Kurt said he was a countertenor.  He talked about his mother dying when he was eight.  Kurt sang a couple of songs, with an elderly actress singing parts of it.  I wish they'd been Kurt solos, but I guess the shared leads were meaningful to the plot.

Kurt said he bent over backwards for Rachel, and that she was his friend when it was convenient for her.  He quickly forgave her, but at least he said it.  There was a bit with Kurt and Blaine, but not much, just enough to show they were getting along well.  The promo for next episode has Kurt saying to Blaine, "You lied to me!"  That made me worry about how the Klaine relationship would be at the end of the season.

I was happy enough with the episode, and the look at Kurt.  I imagine most Kurt fans would be happy.
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