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Sunday so far

I went to bed around 12:30 a.m., and I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke around 7:20 for no apparent reason, then went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 10:00.  I officially got up at 10:10, so that wasn't bad.

I want to do a rewatch of the New York Glee episodes to write something up for Dennis.  I want to plant some of the little flowers I got.  I don't have too much else in mind for the day.  I may do some reading.

I went through the editing job that's due on Friday last night.  It's the third book in a series, and I want to read the first again, because the male protagonist was in the first book.  I have the previous books in the series.  (Added later: I read through the first and worked on the current job.)

I asked A. the other day if he wanted to chat tonight.  I'll text him and see.

A couple of hours later: I went out and pruned dead canes off some of my roses.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' is coming back pretty well.  I pruned a half-broken-off branch from the sweet briar.  I brought the branch inside, since it still had live leaves on it, and I'll use it in my May basket arrangement if they last a few days.  The Judd viburnum is starting to bloom on the side closer to the house.  When a few more panicles open up, we should be able to smell it when we open the front door.

I planned out where to put the geraniums and portulaca.  I think I'll put the thyme and rosemary in pots in the back yard.

P. called, and we talked for about twenty minutes.

Mom and I watched "Makeover."  It ends with Finn at the door of the loft, just when Brody and Rachel had started kissing.  We didn't have time for another episode before the baseball game started, but Mom said maybe we could watch another tonight.  I said that the next one was "The Break-Up."  Viewers watching when the episodes aired had to wait a week between "Makeover" and "The Break-Up" and then more than a month between "The Break-Up" and "The Role You Were Born To Play."

I got tickets for the Longwood Gardens Fireworks & Fountains Display that's on May 24th, "Broadway and Big Band."  S.M., Mom and I will go.  S.M. and I talked for a bit.  I'd left a message that I'd gotten the tickets, and she called back.

Later: Mom and I watched "The Break-Up."  I said it had been a very hard hiatus to go through after that episode.

Rainjoy had written yet more in the Affinity!Verse since the last time I'd checked, a couple of days ago.  She wrote three days in a row, a chapter, a short piece, and another chapter written yesterday.  She'd usually update "Grey" once a week or so, but the Three Musketeers fic seems to be coming to her quickly.  She seems to have an outline for where it's going.  The fic jumps back and forth in time, like Aramis' precognition powers make jumps back and forth in time.  It seems like it will take a long time before the elemental affinities circle is complete.  I looked at part one, and Aramis does see the older Porthos in his vision as having "light brown skin."  Later in the chapter, Porthos is "pale-faced" with emotion, which I think is what threw me.  The teenaged AU Aramis of the Affinity!Verse is Chilean, so I picture him as being at least olive-complexioned.  AU Porthos is English, but he looks like a teenaged version of the Porthos of the BBC Musketeers.

A. and I talked for about half an hour.

I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent Podcast "Villains on Glee."  They covered the major people I would have said were villains, some of whom were redeemed, and some of whom went back to villainy.  I think Sebastian was the one I loved to hate the most.  The podcast folks talked about Sue, Kitty, Sebastian, Karofsky, Bree, and a good bit about Will.
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