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Friday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  K. texted me right about then wanting to talk, and I said I had to get some sleep, but that she should call me around noon.  I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke a little before 10:00 a.m.

I tried calling K. at 10:30 a.m., but she was probably still asleep.

The free Nook book was one I'd gotten earlier in the month.  It's a romance.

TallCR lent me Sidecar.  I accepted the loan, and read the prologue.  I think I'll lend him Few Are Chosen, by Storm Grant, which was really cute.

Later: I went to see Winter Soldier.  I already knew who the Winter Soldier was from the comic books, so I wasn't surprised about that.  I was a little surprised by the SHIELD part of the story.  At the beginning, Steve visited Peggy Carter, who was still alive.  The movie tied in past and present events.  I'm glad I finally saw it, so I don't need to keep avoiding spoilers on Tumblr.

Added: Winter Soldier had the Black Widow in it, and introduced the Falcon.

I stopped at a grocery store on the way back.

I looked down by the mailbox, and 'Yellow Cheerfulness' is in bloom.  That's a late-blooming double daffodil.  It's small and fragrant.  There are some grape hyacinths around it.

TallCR e-mailed again.  I guess his shoulder really is better.  Not only does he want me to borrow a bunch of Amy Lane books, but he wants me to read a Harper Fox series.  I read one of hers that started out as a reasonable enough contemporary, but then turned into a woo-woo science fiction gigantic plot, plus Stonehenge mysteries being uncovered.  That was way more ambitious a plot than I was ready for.  If I think something's a relatively low-key contemporary, I want it to stay that, instead of going wildly into science fiction.  T.A. Chase's Why I Love Geeks took a sharp turn into science fiction towards the end of the novella, which had been a contemporary.  I'm fine with science fiction if I know that's what it is going in.  I've read fantasy by T.A. Chase knowing it was fantasy, and that was fine.  I have a couple more by Harper Fox in my to-be-read files.  One is Driftwood, which I'll read if Uly or TallCR swear to me that it doesn't turn from a contemporary to a huge science fiction plot.

I'll tell Colton I finally saw Winter Soldier.

Slightly later: I looked on Tumblr, and one of the people I follow had posted a drawing of the Winter Soldier from the back, tagged "Winter Soldier" and the character's name.  That would be a huge spoiler for someone who hadn't read the comic books or seen the movie.

TallCR finished Few Are Chosen.  He said it was cute.  I got it on sale.  I would have gotten it directly from Riptide if I'd known at the time that it was on sale there too, but as soon as I read it I thought about how I'd like to lend it to TallCR.  He said he was definitely not the age range the story was aimed for.

K. texted me.  She'll call tomorrow.

TallCR recommended Scrap Metal to me as a Harper Fox book that didn't change from a contemporary to a giant science fiction conspiracy plot with Stonehenge mysteries being solved.  I already own Scrap Metal.  I think Uly also told me that Scrap Metal was a contemporary that stays a contemporary.

I put a list of the free ARe promo m/m romances I'd gotten extras of on the Goodreads Backlot Gay Books forum.  That way people who missed the posts from that particular day of the promo can still get the book as a gift.  I like that ARe feature.
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