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Thursday so far

I tried to go to sleep a little before 1:00 a.m.  That didn't work.  I tried again at 2:00 a.m., and eventually fell asleep.  I'd forgotten to set my alarm, so I woke at 11:00 a.m.

Dad said the Judd viburnum was blooming.  I could see from the front door that it was in bud, but didn't smell the fragrance.  One of the parents of the Judd viburnum is the Korean spice viburnum.  I'll have to go out and take a look.

I didn't get going fast enough to make it to the early afternoon showing of Winter Soldier, but I could still make it to the late afternoon showing.

I saw that Callie had seen my post on female characters and internalized misogyny.  I doubt I'll call Rachel fans' attention to it.  I would like to have a discussion with Firesnaps about internalized misogyny.  That would be interesting.

Slightly later: I went out to look at the flowers, shrubs and trees.  The Judd viburnum was in bud, but not yet blooming.  The American cranberrybush viburnum is leafing out, but that blooms later.  The quince is leafing out.  The winter honeysuckle still has some flowers and is leafed out.  Some of the roses are leafing out, including the sweet briar.  That smelled good.  The mahonia has a few flowers open.  The white lily-of-the-valley has its leaves well up.  The pink lily-of-the-valley in the shade garden was starting to come up the other day.

The Tradescantia 'Miss Kate' has leaves up.  The species tradescantia near it has some leaves up, too.  That doesn't have a scent, but the flowers are pretty.  The bee balm is coming up, one near the drainpipe and the other in a pot.  I think it's a lavender one.  I got it thinking it was the red, but the lavender is pretty, too.  The lilacs are leafing out.  There are a lot of leaves coming up from small tiger lily bulbs, and some from ones big enough to bloom.  I guess I've gotten a good idea of what plants I have that are hardy.

Later: I did a rewatch of "Opening Night" just before the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast recap.  Firesnaps got her chance to enjoy Rachel's triumph.  Firesnaps also asked on her own Tumblr for her "pop culture scholar friends" to send her articles about romance and online fandom.  I am not a scholar.  I've read books written about romance novels, and I've seen plenty of discussions of romance and online fandom.  I have thoughts, but not formal scholarly ones.

Later still: I got an e-mail from TallCR.  He said he'd aggravated an old shoulder injury, so he couldn't really sit up and type for some weeks, which is why online friends hadn't heard from him for a while.  I e-mailed him back.  He's a big Amy Lane fan.  He had lent me Mourning Heaven and Chase in Shadow before.  I already owned Dex in Blue.  I said that when I was done Dex in Blue, he could loan me the third in the Johnnies series.  He lent me Sidecar, and also wants me to read Under the Rushes.  I'd read some of her shorter works that were in various Dreamspinner Advent calendars, and others of hers that had been free on ARe promos.  I think that's how I got Dex in Blue.  I got Litha's Constant Whim as a free book, and I read that.  TallCR wants to loan me all the ones I haven't read yet, which I'm okay with. :)
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