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Wednesday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m., but it took me some time to go to sleep.  I woke at 10:20 a.m.  Considering I'd forgotten to set my alarm, that wasn't bad.

I saw Callie's first thoughts about "Opening Night."  Rachel fans took exception.  I agreed with Callie on some things.  There were other things she said that I thought were cold.  But I agreed more than not.

I ordered a blueberry plant, Canary Island broom (a fragrant kind), a rose-scented geranium, dwarf carnations and heliotrope from Logee's.  Everything but the blueberry is fragrant.

I may do some shopping today.  I think that Winter Soldier is still in theaters.  I'd like to see that sometime.

Later: I went to the grocery store where J.-PA works.  I picked up tilapia for dinner.

Winter Soldier is at a local theater during the day and in the evening.  I may go see a matinee performance.

Later: I added my opinions to the wankiness about "Opening Night" and Rachel.  I said that I was wildly paraphrasing, but that I saw people saying things along the lines that if you were a woman and didn't like Rachel, you were filled with internalized misogyny.  I disagreed about the misogyny.  Overall, I tend to like male characters more than female ones but in this case there are other factors, too.

I said I saw a lot of people saying "Blaine is just like Rachel, but people like Blaine."  I said that Blaine likes to be the center of attention and likes to be in control of a situation, but that Blaine is usually pleasant and polite about it.  He has manners.  Rachel is generally the furthest thing from pleasant and polite.  Blaine's style is very different and I can take it a lot better.

Large parts of the episode were about not letting Internet haters get you down.  It's ironic that there's all the Internet wank about the show, but it seems inevitable.  I'll see if anyone notices what I said.
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