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new day, new post

Well, almost a new day.  My left knee is bothering me.  I thought it would buckle a couple of times when I was climbing the stairs.  Putting my weight on it going up the stairs caused shooting pain behind my kneecap, and it didn't feel like the knee would take the weight.  It's the right one I have the arthritis in, and that one wasn't feeling too great either.  I don't think the left knee was that good before I went to the bookstore, but I don't think lifting boxes helped.  I try to use my legs to lift rather than putting all the strain of the weight on my back, but I'm trying to move boxes full of books which are on the floor, to put them on top of other boxes which are also on the floor.  Whatever I was doing with the lifting, I was doing it wrong.  And I slid on a bit of remaining snow at some point.  Perhaps that twisted something.

Tags: rambling

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