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Sunday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  I don't think it took me long to go to sleep.  I got up at 10:00 a.m. when my alarm went off.

I skimmed through the novella I'm editing.  I want to read through it one more time, and then I'll turn it in.  It's an alpha/beta/omega world story.  I never thought that reading alpha/beta/omega dynamic fic would be useful for a job.  I am amused by that.

I went outside for a bit.  It's nice out.  Now that Dad has taken the tree off the winter honeysuckle, I can see where some of the larger branches of the winter honeysuckle broke from having a tree land on them.  The smaller branches are very flexible.  The winter honeysuckle is still blooming.

I looked around for what else might be coming up.  There are daylily leaves coming up near the sweet shrub, in what used to be the rose garden.  There is bee balm coming up by the drainpipe, which is one place I planted it.  There's a lot in the pot I put the other bee balm in, so it's spread.  The sweet woodruff has leaves up.  I looked near there for bleeding heart leaves, but didn't see any.  I think the leaves of that come up a little later than the sweet woodruff leaves.  I looked in the shade garden that used to be a vegetable garden.  There are some large branches hanging low over the shade garden now, but I think there's Brunnera macrophyllia coming up.  I couldn't get that close, but it's either that or dock.

I saw that P. had called last night, and I talked to her.

I don't really have any other plans besides going out to see the flowers again.  I'll probably go out to get dinner, since Mom is tired.

Later: I went out to get dinner.

I finished that editing job.
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