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Thursday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. or so, but it took me quite a while to get to sleep.  I probably fell asleep around 2:30.  I had set my alarm.  I turned it off and lay there for a few minutes, but then I made myself get up.

I didn't get moving too fast, but I sat under the sunlight-effect light for a while.  I caught up on online things, and got the free book from ARe.  It was one in Vicki Lewis Thompson's "Nerds" series.  I had read a number of them the first time they were in print.  I still couldn't give books as gifts from ARe.  It's frustrating.  I wasn't able to do it yesterday, either.

It was a nice day out.

I got to the grocery store around 1:15 p.m. and picked P. up.  We headed down to Wilmington.  C. and his oldest daughter (who also has a name starting with C.) got to Ms. F.'s shortly after we did.  P. and I went shopping for Ms. F.  She said she'd been out of toilet paper since Monday.  P. had told me that Ms. F. had run out of it before.  I said I'd thought about bringing a roll, but had forgotten.  I wrote that down as the first thing on the shopping list.  We got food items, too.

C.-the-daughter said her family was doing a walk for autism awareness.  P. explained later that C.'s five-year-old son is autistic.  I'll have to find out more about the walk.  I'm not sure if her family lives in Delaware or southeastern Pennsylvania.

There was a cake for Ms. F.'s birthday.  I got cards for P.'s brother C., whose birthday was yesterday, and for Ms. F. on our shopping trip.

It was nice to see Ms. F. and C., and meet C.'s daughter.

P. and I headed back to [borough] a little before 5:00 p.m.

Later: I finished up that editing job.

Later still: Apparently ARe had fixed things so you could give their books as gifts again.  It hadn't worked for two days.  I gifted books to Riah, Meg, and Robin.

I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast on "Bash."  I had a lot of thoughts and feelings.  Firesnaps was still saying that Rachel should have been allowed to defer her classes when she got the Funny Girl role.  I never thought that was the story Glee was telling.  Carmen said that Rachel was underperforming in her classes, and then Rachel was disrespectful to Carmen.  Rachel burned her bridges at NYADA.  She didn't have to.  She was given a chance to listen and learn, and didn't listen or learn.

I said that I had reblogged what people who knew directly about racism said about the Mercedes and Sam storyline.  Firesnaps and Axe commented that with their guest, Doodlebrew, they were three white people talking about racism.  I didn't think that there was much indication beforehand that the main story was going to be a racism storyline.

Axe gave her viewpoint on Kurt's story.  The podcast folks didn't leave enough time to talk about Kurt's story.  Doodlebrew had some comments, but it was a straight white woman who was mostly doing the talking.  I'm sure I'll post on Tumblr about Kurt's story, too, from the perspective of a bi woman who is assumed to be straight.  It's canon that Kurt is instantly read as gay, and he has to negotiate that.  It's also canon that he'll stand up for other people.  He said he learned that from Burt. 
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