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TV watching -- "Bash"

That was a really hard episode to watch, for the Kurt parts.  Burt yelled at Kurt because he was so upset that Kurt had gotten hurt.  I think Kurt understood, though.  Kurt was left beaten up and lying in an alley, and then they cut to a commercial.  It wasn't until a while later that it was made clear that Kurt was going to be okay.

Blaine sang Kurt a song while Kurt was unconscious, and lay beside him on the hospital bed.  Blaine really loves Kurt.

Mercedes and Sam had discussions about race.  Sam was pretty offensive, touching Mercedes' friends' hair and saying offensive things.  In the end, Mercedes decided to date Sam, though.

There was this exchange between Sam and Blaine:

Sam: "I'm telling you, it's really hard to be a straight white male these days."
Blaine: "We should probably change the subject."

Blaine is not straight or white.  (Added: When I first saw Darren Criss, I assumed he was white, but I know little that way.  My experience was in learning about light-skinned people in the Black community.  Those are the stories I know, from racial pride to colorism to ways to choose not to be read as white.  I've seen a number of biracial people say they knew right away that Darren Criss was multiracial.  There are a lot of Asian references around Blaine.)

While Sam was living in the loft, Blaine would read him Star Wars fan fiction.  That was hysterical.

I have a lot of feelings about the episode.  I was waiting for the Kurt and Burt moments.
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