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Thursday -- garden club

I went to sleep before 1:00 a.m.  S.M. called at 9:00 a.m., and kept talking for a while, so I sufficiently woke up enough to not go to sleep again.

I made it to garden club on time.  I even brought a horticultural exhibit, a snowdrop.

Garden club was doing a slate of officers, but hadn't come up with many people who wanted to be in office.  I ended up being secretary for the next two years.  I need to get there on time and take good notes.

I'd forgotten lunch, so I was filling up on desserts.  J.D. gave me half her sandwich.  She asked about me giving computer lessons.  I said that I'd be happy to give her computer lessons.  Basically I know e-mail and word processing, but that's probably all she'll want to know.

The program today was flower arrangement.  The person doing it made some interesting designs.  She'd taken floral arrangement classes at Longwood Gardens.  I took lots of pictures.  She was letting people take home the extra flowers, so I took home a bird-of-paradise flower, an iris, a couple of yellow-green roses and some pink larkspur.  I found vases for them.

I went out again and took pictures of the crocus.  The mahonia is in bud.  I looked at the winter honeysuckle.  Dad was working back there, where the trees had fallen.  The winter honeysuckle is in bud.

All in all it was a pretty good time.
Tags: flowers, friends, garden club

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