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Saturday so far

There hasn't been much of Saturday for me yet.  I tried to go to sleep at 2:00 a.m.  It was at least three-something before I went to sleep.  I woke at 12:30 p.m. again.  I had been doing better.  I'll try to go to sleep earlier tonight.

I wrote that e-mail to Biyuti about "Frenemies" and "Trio," and ended up talking some about "Previously Unaired Christmas," too.  I hadn't seen that for a while, but it left a deep impression.  One of the reasons I really wanted the hiatus to be over was so that I could see more of the regular Glee timeline and get back into the flow of that.

The Glee episode aired the week after "Previously Unaired Christmas" was a repeat, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."  I taped it.  The CW reruns are up to that point, so I figured I'd tape "Yes/No" after it, and then tape through "On My Way."

Mom and I went to the mall.  The J.C. Penney's is closing.  The lines at the cash registers were very long.  Mom found some cute clothes, but decided she didn't want to wait on line that long.

We took a brief and inevitable trip to the grocery store.

When we got home, I watched parts of the rerun of "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."

Later: Mom and I watched "On My Way," "Big Brother" and "Saturday Night Glee-ver."  I knew that Mom wouldn't want to be left on the cliffhanger that was the end of "On My Way."  I said that the people who had been watching at the time had to wait through a nearly two-month hiatus to find out what happened.  After "Big Brother," she wanted to watch another episode.  I said that "Saturday Night Glee-ver" was the first appearance of Unique, so Mom got her introduction to Unique, in all her glory.
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