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Thursday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m., and woke at 10:20 a.m.  I'd forgotten to set my alarm.  That wasn't too bad, considering.  I am doing better with a sleep schedule, but not doing well with turning my computer off earlier.

This time it was waiting to see if anyone else had things to say about the post that included Biyuti's posts.  I looked this morning, and the original poster hadn't sent me any more asks.  I don't track "neyronrose" as a tag.  I don't really want to see what other people are saying about me.  Last night I apologized to Biyuti for going off the topic of Indigenous genders and colonialism.  Today I did a public apology about that, saying that that was what was really important.  I wouldn't like it if I were derailed, and people didn't take it like I was just talking to Biyuti.  So I am sorry about that.

I finally got out of the house.  I went on a few errands with Dad.  Among other places, we went to a tool supply place.  He wanted to get a tamping tool for the turf, and twine to tie up all the branches he's been sawing up.  I found some small flashlights and looked at work gloves.  Out of one side of a row devoted to work gloves, they offered two selections of ladies' gardening gloves.  I wanted something like my leather gauntlets, only with thicker leather over the hands, or at least heavy leather gloves with long cuffs.  Instead, one style was cotton with little non-slip dots, and the other style was thin leather on the palm and insides of the fingers, and cotton with a floral design on the back of the hand and fingers.  I got the ones that had some leather, though they won't help with the sweet briar at all.  I wish they had serious work gloves in ladies' sizes.  Not that I do manual labor, but many people with small hands do.  And I do deal with roses that have big and/or numerous thorns.

I got the previous two books in the series to the one I'm working on.  The third followed closely from the previous ones, so I need to read those two and make notes, then work on the third.  I'll do that tonight.

I don't have much else in the way of plans.

Later: I watched "Cabaret."  The end of the movie differed from what Alan Cummings said was the end scene for the Master of Ceremonies in the play.  Alan Cummings said that the Master of Ceremonies has a swastika painted on him by the end of the play, and the Wikipedia entry says it's implied in the play that he is in a concentration camp at the end.  I knew Christopher Isherwood was gay.  I was surprised how much gayness was in the movie, between Brian, the implications about the Master of Ceremonies, and the cabaret's drag queens.  The movie came out in 1972.  So I guess play and movie were ahead of their time.  I've got to read the Berlin stories.  I tried once, but didn't get into it.  Now I can picture some of the characters.

I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast.  The last podcast with Firesnaps and Axe's husbands had the husbands saying a number of offensive things.  This time they said everyone was drunk, but they actually stuck on topic better than they do sometimes when they're sober, and the husbands were far less offensive.  The dubious thing tonight was actually from the women.  I think it was Axe that said that to the general audience, Blaine is white.  I have posted before that I assumed that Darren Criss was white, but I didn't know better at the time.  A number of biracial people have said they could tell right away that he was multiracial.  Not everyone has read what Firesnaps has posted on the topic, and I thought the things she's said were good.  Among other things, she's said that if someone knows the actor is mixed race and still insists that the character is white, they're just being ignorant.  I am paraphrasing, but I saved what she said and could quote it.
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