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Sunday so far

It's been pretty quiet.  I listened to the "First Listen" of songs for the "New Directions" episode.  Most I liked the first Glee covers better.  "Don't Stop Believin'" has been covered by Glee several times.  I liked the newest version well enough.  I'm waiting to see it in the episode.  Kurt has what were Finn's lines in the first verse.  Those notes are easily in Kurt's range.  I like the songs where he uses his upper register and lower register, but I enjoy when he hits those low notes, too.  (Edit: Actually, compared to the first time Glee covered "Don't Stop Believin'", Rachel has Finn's lines, and Kurt has Rachel's lines.)  "Loser Like Me" is slowed way down.  Blaine sings in it.  I wonder if he plays piano, too.  I liked the original "Loser Like Me."

It's supposed to be cold out today, and snow early in the week.  I plan to talk with A. in the evening.

Later: We went to take flowers to people Mom knows from church.  The husband had been in the hospital, and Mom is friends with the wife, E.B.  So we visited with them a bit.  E.B. said she couldn't leave her husband alone.  I asked if she wanted us to get her some groceries.  She said her daughter would come down and stay with her husband.

Mom wanted to go grocery shopping.  This turned into stops at two grocery stores.  I was really concerned about leaving the perishables from the first stop in the car for the second stop, especially since Mom wanted to get everything on her list at the second store.  She had brought her grocery list and coupons to E.B.'s house.  The temperature outside was probably in the forties, but the car was warmer than that.

Midway through the second grocery store stop, I started bitching to A. via text.  The venting helped.  The yogurt and meat from the first store still felt kind of cool when I put it in the refrigerator, so I'm hoping for the best.

I downloaded more of the Lima Heights Adjacent Podcast podcasts.  I listened to some of the recap of "A Katy or a Gaga" again.  Marauder-in-warblerland is encouraging writers to recommend their own fic.  I told Jamie (likearumchocolatesouffle/likeasouffle) zie should do it.  I realized I had already read "Gimme Shelter," one of the recommended ones.  I knew I'd read some of JudeAraya's fic, too.  I'll have to look and see what else I've read, and what I haven't.

I'd read some of Jude's OSU 'Verse.  She took it down to work on it, with only two one-chapter stories back up.  I'll have to offer to help edit the rest, so she can get it back up.  I read the stories of FicDirectory's that she'd recommended.  She writes great gen fic.  I had printed out FicDirectory's Master List a week or two ago.  I'll have to start marking off the fics I've read.  Jamie recommended some of the fics zie had "gender feels" about, including "Now I'm a Believer" and "For Who I Am," as well as "Naked Around You" and one with an FtM Kurt.  Someone said that Jamie's writing is amazing.  I've been telling Jamie that since I read "Naked Around You," but I'm pretty sure zie already knew.

I talked with A. for about an hour.  I was very tired, but contributed to the conversation.  I should have turned my computer off first.
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