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Friday so far

I went to bed at midnight and woke at 10:30 a.m.  I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp.

Today is the first day in a while that I don't have to be anywhere.  I may try to get to a local park, since I think it's kind of nice out today.  The snowdrops are blooming.  I want to take some pictures of them.  The daffodils S.M. had me get at Trader Joe's are in full bloom, and they're very pretty.

I got the free Nook book for the day.  It looks like inspirational women's fiction, but perhaps Mom would like to read it.

Later: I went out and took pictures of the snowdrops.  I got as far back as the thicket with the quince tree, winterberry, American holly, winter honeysuckle, American cranberrybush viburnum and butterfly bush.  A very large branch and half of a tree had fallen over so their smaller branches were over part of the winter honeysuckle.  The winter honeysuckle has pretty flexible branches, so it doesn't seem to have been really affected by this.

Dad has been sawing up the branches that fell off the chokecherry, black walnut, sassafras and apple trees.  I'm still kind of afraid to go under the sassafras trees.  They had some big broken-off branches caught in the higher parts of the trees.  I expect that the people who work on tree removal and tree pruning have been very busy.

I worked on an editing job.

I got an ask on Tumblr regarding my YA GLBTQ book list.  The person mentioned Prizm Books, Torquere's YA imprint.  I'd read Maria Mora's dystopian novella "Sunblood."  I don't care for dystopian fiction in general, but I thought the novella was interesting and well-written.  I said that the non-Prizm Torquere books were not meant for young people.  I could have gone on for several paragraphs about Torquere's books, as I've read quite a number of them.  They're where I discovered authors like Willa Okati and Julia Talbot.  I read Sean Michael's Jarheads novels, too.  They really don't have plot, but I like the characters, particularly Rig.  I've read many, many other books published by Torquere.
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