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Wednesday so far

I went to bed not long after midnight.  I probably got to sleep within an hour.  I got up when my alarm went off at 10:00 a.m., so that was okay.

I made it to an appointment.  I went out and about on some errands, including getting a new driver's license.  I was glad I'd brought an e-reader with me for that wait.  It was 3:30 p.m. when I got there, and the seats in the waiting area were almost full.  There were at least twenty people ahead of me, but three photo booths open.  They closed at 4:15 p.m., which is right when I got done.  I'm glad I got it done, though.

The fic was a "what if Blaine were a hockey player" one, and as far as I've gotten with it, it's been entertaining.

Later: I read through an editing job that's due in a week or so.  I'd like to get it done this week, though.

Mom and I watched "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."  I had her watch the ring box scene first, though.  If I'd thought she would come upstairs in the midst of the episode, I would have had her watch it between the end of the special and the Finn and Rachel scene where Rachel tells Finn she named the African sow pig "Barbra."  In retrospect, Finn telling Rachel she could always look up and see a star named "Finn Hudson" in the sky makes me sad.  I wonder if they'll refer to that on the show again.  They referred a lot to Finn in "City of Angels" and had a montage of Finn scenes.  They referred to him a lot in "100," too.  I get sad.  Finn wasn't my favorite character, and I begrudged all the time spent on Rachel and him in season three, but I still feel sad, partially because the other characters are sad, too.  The actors and crew are grieving, as well.  Some talk about it more than others, but they all say they were a big family.

S.M. called.  We are talking about getting together tomorrow, and maybe going to Trader Joe's.  That would be nice.

I read the Backlot's Glee episode recap.  I didn't read the comments, though.  Of what I've read in the past year or two, so many are negative and there are too many trolls.  AfterEllen has the same recapper, Heather Hogan, and the same recap.  In fact, I think it was originally on AfterEllen.  I read the comments there.  The Brittana shippers were very happy.  There were a couple of trolls, but they were being trolls about Brittany and Santana, so I didn't mind as much as I do the trolls who go after Kurt and Blaine and the actors.  But the negative comments were far outweighed by the number that were positive.

As I've posted many times, I don't like Santana, mainly because she's verbally abusive.  I like Brittany, and I like Brittana.  Santana at least treated Brittany like a human being, unlike the way she treated other characters, and dearly loved her.  I think there is a strong argument that Brittany has some intellectual disabilities.  Brittany could get revenge on people who had wronged her, but she could be sweet, too.  Brittany was a friend of Kurt's early on, and Brittany and Blaine got to be friends.  She taught him how to do voiceovers.  Brittany is aware of the magic of how things happen on the show, and can teach it to other people.  Kurt can do magic, too, but the meta for him is that he can grant wishes for other people, but not for himself.  Blaine's magic is obviously that he can age in reverse.  Other people say that once he transferred from Dalton, he gained life magic.  Callie calls him the "hearthkeeper."  She calls Kurt the psychopomp, that he can lead people between the lands of the living and the dead.  I have to go with the meta that says that Kurt is the character most associated with death.  People were saying that in season two.

But I missed Brittany, and am glad she's back.  I don't know if the actress is back only briefly, because the baby must be pretty young yet, but it was good to see Brittany.
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