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Tuesday so far

I went to bed not long after midnight, and hoped I'd get to sleep within the next two hours.  I think I fell asleep within an hour.  I woke at 6:00 a.m., but went back to sleep.  I'd remembered to set my alarm, so I got up at 10:00 a.m.

Uly had tweeted about a "curator's choice" bit filmed in the Norman Rockwell exhibit of the Newark Museum.  I tweeted back that sometime I wanted the grand tour of the Newark Museum.  I said I'd let him know next time I was in northern New Jersey.  Last time I was there, he was in Israel.  I think it was something about modern textile art.  And as soon as he got back, he got married.  His significant other, G., had set it up so they could get married as soon as it was legal in New Jersey.  They'd been together for thirty-eight years by then.  I was excited to hear that they had gotten married.

I tweeted this morning for him to let me know next time he was in Philadelphia or Baltimore or Delaware.  I don't drive in Philadelphia, but it's easy enough for me to take the train.  J. and K. can help me navigate Baltimore, though I actually did drive in Baltimore a good bit when J. and his girlfriend at the time were living in an area of the city that people were attempting to gentrify.  And I'd drive on 95 or 695 to get to Vampire games at the time I was playing Live-Action Roleplaying games.  The last couple nights, I've dreamed of some of the people who played the Vampire games.  Even in my dreams, I didn't think they were vampires, just people.

I can get pretty much anywhere in Delaware, though there's no promise I won't get lost.  Winterthur is a very easy drive for me.  All I need to do is go south on Route 52 from Route 1.  I've been on 95 through Delaware enough times, too, taking exits into Wilmington, going over Wilmington, going through the state.  I don't even need to go on 95 to get to Ms. F.'s apartment building.  She lives right off Concord Pike.  I guess I've been making it to Wilmington pretty regularly lately.  I'd still like to get to the Brandywine Zoo when it's warmer.  P. said that at some time when she visits with her mother, I should go to the zoo for the afternoon.

I have an appointment with Dr. A. in the afternoon.  My sleep schedule has been all over the place lately.  I'll see what he says.

Later: Dr. A. is fairly laid-back.  He said he understood that vacation and being sick could disrupt someone's sleep schedule.  He said I should really control my exposure to light.  He wants me to sit under the sunlight-effect lamp as soon as I get up, and to try to get off the computer by dinnertime, which would be a challenge.  He said if I can't get off the computer by then, I should at least wear sunglasses when looking at the screen.  I'll see how that goes.

I went to the grocery store.  I got more diet Gatorade.

I am looking forward to Glee's 100th episode.

(*song spoilers*)

Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel sing "Defying Gravity."  I got the song.  Chris' voice seems to me to be smoother and richer than it was.  He had said he'd like to do a more confident version.  I've heard Glee has vocal coaches, and I'm sure he has worked with them.  I think his voice is a little deeper, but he can still hit a high F.  Glorfindel said it was actually a high G in the song.  He said he could hit the A above that, but I don't think he has on the show.
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