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out and about today

Not very far, but at least I got out of the house.  First, I paid the phone bill.  Next, I went to Target, where I got some Christmas earrings and a Target giftcard for Mom, and bright red nail polish.  Then I went up to the Indian grocery, got a couple of naan, some gulab jamun, some rasmali and rasgullah, and jalebi.  Mom had warned me not to get anything aromatic.  I would have gotten their chicken tikka masala, as I like that.

I showed Mom the Christmas earrings, three pair per card, two cards.  She didn't like any of them.  She said she was in a bad mood.  My feelings were still hurt.  She could have pretended to like at least one pair.  A couple of them would have gone with the Christmas necklaces she has.  Mom said she had a nasty headache, and took some Advil.  I suggested she go lie down for a while, and she did.  Maybe I'll give the Christmas earrings to Grandma S.  If Mom doesn't like the Target giftcard, I'll regift it to someone else.

I went to the computer room, and did my nails.  I'd had them one hand with the fingernails green and one hand plain for a couple of days, as I hadn't gotten around to the other hand the one night.  The green takes forever to dry.  Then I was looking for bright red, and didn't find it, so I did the nails on my right hand burgundy, and left the green on the fingernails of my left hand.  But after I got the red, I did them alternating red and green.  I think it looks cheery.

We got the news a couple of days ago that we would be seeing Dad's side of the family, at Aunt P.'s house.  (She's the sister a couple years younger than he is.)  I'm glad we'll see everyone.  It's scheduled for the 16th.  That gives me a good couple of weeks to shop for them.

I thought today's Alles Was Zahlt Christmas episode was cute, even if EKP thought it was lame.  Roman and Deniz were together with their friends, so Roman got to cuddle not only with Deniz, but with Annette and the other flatmates and pals of theirs.  Roman's parents either live in Australia or are taking an extremely long vacation there.  The group went to No. 7, and saw Marian.  He was pretty busy, but at least he's getting along relatively well with both Deniz and Roman now, aside from the Jenny issue.  Deniz seems to have mostly gotten over that, and it's been nice to see him spend some time with his dad over the last few episodes.  It seems like despite all the angst-inducing things Deniz has been hit with -- soap opera, after all -- he has a naturally happy temperament.
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