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Saturday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m., and woke at 7:45 a.m. for no apparent reason.  One of the first things I did was ask Lurkdusoleil if she'd heard what the story was with the woman who'd gone into labor on her chat.  We tried to track down her name.  Nadiacreek remembered the name of someone saying she was pregnant.  Once I saw the name, it looked familiar to me.  She'd said she was due in four weeks.

I said to the people who were on the chat early, including Nadiacreek, that I'd heard of Nadiacreek secondhand.  The people of color I've heard from say she's a racist, while most of the white people give her compliments.  So it's a mix.  My feeling is that if a person of color calls you a racist, the thing to do is to try to learn not to be one.

I am curious about the baby, and looking forward to finding out what the story is with that.

Later: I tracked down most of the fic recs I wrote down last night.  Some of the fics mentioned I'd already had, or already read.

Later still: Lurkdusoleil got an answer to her question.  It was a girl.  It hadn't been the woman who was four weeks from her due date.  Apparently there was more than one pregnant woman on the chat.  That makes for quite a story.

I'm putting Riah under the "friends" tag.

I saw a Tumblr post where an anon complained about lesbian content in a YA book, when the publisher was a GLBT book publisher.  I reblogged my post recommending GLBTQ YA books.  I got book recommendations from Uly and TallCR.  I may ask Brent what books he recommends.  I already recommended his.  I could recommend the Lord of the White Hell books by Ginn Hale, if I haven't already recommended them somewhere.  I think I recommended them on my fantasy GLBTQ book list.

(I added the Lord of the White Hell books to my YA list, too.)

It was relatively warm out.  I went out in the yard.  The snowdrops are blooming.  They must have been blooming under the snow.  The leaves of the 'King Alfred' and 'Ice Follies' daffodils are up.  So are the leaves of the miniature daffodils near the driveway.  They're either 'Baby Moon' or 'Tete a Tete'.  I don't remember, but they're cute.

I got spoiled interacting so much with people yesterday, people I could talk about common topics with.  Well, except for all the talk about babies.  There I had nothing.  I enjoyed fangirling over Lilinas, Hedgerose, artist_artists and others.  Fangirling over writers is kind of my thing.

P. wants me to take her to Wilmington, Delaware tomorrow.  It's not a bad drive.  Her mother lives right near the big park that has the Brandywine Zoo, so parking might be a challenge.  I like seeing Ms. F. 
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