neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

later Thursday

I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast recap of "City of Angels."  There was a lot of giggling and going off on tangents.  The podcast folks -- and I've seen this elsewhere -- thought that in the fifth season, Finn was supposed to become the person in charge of New Directions, replacing Will.  I think it's possible.  They said it would have kept an anchor in Lima when the current bunch of seniors graduated.  I will watch the episode again, but I'm still kind of bummed out.

I saw that the "Queer on Glee" podcast will be on Saturday, and one of the people participating will be Jamie.  I was excited.  Another will be Persephone.  I've seen Persephone post about being multiracial, but haven't seen her post on queerness.  I don't follow her, so I could have missed quite a bit.  I am looking forward to hearing the podcast.
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