neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday so far

I am still contending with the stomach virus from Hell.  I went to the doctor.  She gave me an anti-emetic.  She told me to stay hydrated, and recommended drinking a mix of half-Gatorate (diet) and half-water to keep my electrolytes in balance.

Aside from that, I sent Dennis more of my writing about fandom and fan fiction.  There are good sides and bad sides to fandom, I said.  I've only heard about the bad side secondhand, because I am a nobody in the fandom.  I'm pretty happy staying that way.  I have my people I talk to, and people I just follow, and that's fine.

I hadn't planned to leave the house today.  I hadn't yesterday.  Yesterday was supposed to be rather warm out, then rainy.  I could hear the rain.  Then the temperature dropped to below freezing for today.  I bundled up.
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