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another book I'd been looking forward to

Read Josh Lanyon's Dark Tide.  (*Watch out for spoilers*)  I said his books didn't have pages of the protagonists discussing their relationship, and this one did.  And it's in what started out just about purely as a mystery series.  Adrien and Jake really did have a lot to discuss, though, and it was handled well.  It had quite a lot of relationship if you were just looking for mystery, and a fair amount of mystery if you were looking for romance.  I thought it was a very good blend.  Josh warned readers that there wouldn't be a lot of sex in the book.  It had more sex than some of his books, so I'm not sure why he did that warning.  It didn't have gratuitous sex scenes, but he isn't one to do that anyway.  I thought it was one of the better ones in the series as far as the mystery.  The one I'd liked best for the mystery aspects was The Hell You Say -- I really do like those occult-related plots -- but this was a nicely-constructed mystery.  Adrien was for the most part back in Pasadena where he belongs, and back where he belongs at Cloak and Dagger.

When the one female cop started conveniently telling Adrien all she'd heard of about a mystery from 1959, I thought that was a bit of a stretch.  There could have been more introduction of her at first, and more easing into how she knew all of that.  It was just rather an abrupt way to provide background.  And I recognized some of the questions Adrien had for Jake as questions Josh encouraged the readers to ask on Josh's LJ.  They were fairly reasonable questions, if you'd been following the series.  Adrien had just never really asked Jake so many questions before, I don't think.  The questions weren't bad, the answers were good ones.  It was just that the questions were very familiar.  I think I joined three or four other readers in asking if Jake was capable of monogamy.  I don't have as much investment in seeing a male couple having a monogamous relationship as some readers do.  As long as the guys are honest in their negotiations about whether they'll have an open relationship or not, and are willing to keep communicating, and re-negotiating as needed, that's a more realistic way to show a healthy m/m relationship, I think.  Probably not nearly as romantic from a woman's viewpoint, but so it goes.  Adrien is the monogamous type, but that's just another way that he's not so typical.  Josh has said that he wanted to write a boy-next-door type.  I've said either here or on his LJ that if the boy next door is beautiful, witty, articulate and has very nice manners, I suppose Adrien would fit that definition.

I found the book satisfying in a number of ways.  I admit, part of it was in getting those questions answered, and getting a lot of loose ends tied up.  (*Big spoilers*)  Despite Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books' ( wishes, Jake did not get killed off.  I was okay with that.  It's much more interesting for Adrien when Jake's around.  A number of issues which were hanging got resolved.  Adrien had a lot to recover from and to process, and it took him a while to get there.  I appreciated that it didn't happen instantly, that he had to work through it.  I noticed that the book was dedicated to Lisabea (, and I thought that was sweet.  Despite the couple of quibbles I had in the previous paragraph, I think it's some of his best work.
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