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Sunday so far

I was too tired to focus by midnight, so I went to bed.  I eventually fell asleep.  I woke around 8:15 a.m.  I wasn't groggy.

I worked on an editing job.

Slightly later: Mom and I went out to get bagels.  I made a stop to get another bottle of shampoo, too, to put some in a travel bottle.

I wrote to the person I am being a beta reader for.  I like their touch with the characters, and their empathy and imagination.

Later: The bracket that holds my car's muffler in place had come loose from the underside of the car scraping the driveway.  Dad had fixed it with duct tape yesterday, but it needed to be properly fixed.  Mom and I dropped the car off at Firestone.

I read the previous books in the series for the editing job I was working on.  I finished the editing job.

I had done the Box Scene Project's latest thing, so I got to read the scripts for "Never Been Kissed" and "Love, Love, Love."  There weren't huge changes between the drafts I read and what aired, at least not to major things.  A slumber party with Kurt and a couple of the girls was cut out of "Love, Love, Love."  It would have cut down on the suspense, though.  The script directions referenced specific Beatles movies for how certain scenes were done, which is pretty much what fans who'd seen the movies had thought.  Chris Colfer got Kurt's feelings across perfectly in "Never Been Kissed," verbal and non-verbal.  It's always fun to read the scripts, because I can understand dialogue a lot better by reading it than hearing it.

I skimmed the beginnings of some of Biyuti's Avenger fic recs.  She said most of them are fluffy.  Biyuti likes fluffy AUs.  I like fics that could fit with canon and AUs.  I share her liking for fluff.
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