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Wednesday so far

I am getting nowhere fast today.  I got tired and went to bed around 12:30 a.m.  I didn't go to sleep until probably 3:00 a.m.  I had set my alarm, but turned it off and eventually got up at 11:30 a.m.

I had gotten a Twitter address a while ago.  I started following completelyunabashed yesterday, then followed several other authors.  A couple know who neyronrose is.  About half know me under another name.  My first tweet was to fangirl over Julia Talbot's baby dragons story.  Apparently my Twitter is going to be devoted to fangirling.  Arguably, large parts of my LJ and Tumblr are also devoted to fangirling.  Actually, I don't know if I could even argue that they aren't, aside from the gardening journal posts on LJ and the flower pictures posts on Tumblr.

[Added later: I e-mailed some of the authors who know me as E. and told them that I was neyronrose.]

I chatted with Jamie for a while.  Mostly we talked music.  Jamie is also a Nine Inch Nails fan.

It looks like my big accomplishment for the day will be doing laundry.

The person I offered to beta for got back to me.  It's an Avengers fic, focus on Hawkeye.  Like in the comic books, Hawkeye is deaf.  Part of why it's an AU is that he was deaf for a long time, not that he became deaf as an adult.  I don't know ASL, but I can help beta in other ways.

I went out to the library to get Iron Man 3, Thor, and the Avengers movie.  I had seen Thor and the Avengers.  I heard that in Iron Man 3, Iron Man fights the Mandarin.  I told someone not to spoil for me whether Mandarin is racebent to white.  Kingpin was racebent in a Daredevil movie.  Characters in Thor were racebent from the comic books, but I read MedievalPoC's posts about how it's ridiculous to insist that European mythical characters all be white.  In the comic books, Heimdall and all three of the Warriors Three are white men.  One of the Warriors Three was genderbent to female.  Again, they're mythical characters.  In the original mythology, Loki can change from male to female.  Also, he can change into a horse.  So genderbending and shapeshifting really isn't all that out there for characters out of Norse mythology.

[Added later: When I watched Thor again, I learned that the female character was named Lady Sif.  She wasn't one of the Warriors Three.  Hogun the Grim was the one who was racebent.  The other Warriors of the Warriors Three are Fandral and Volstagg.]

I picked up shrimp teryaki at the mall food court, and a salad I thought Mom would like.  Mom said she'd already eaten, but she had an egg roll.

Later still: I watched Iron Man 3.  That was far from the Mandarin of the comic books.
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