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Tuesday so far

I went to bed at around 1:30 a.m.  I remembered to set my alarm and actually got up at 10:00 a.m., so that wasn't bad.

I had Jasmine Pearl tea today.

Mom had wanted me to watch ice dancing last night.  I told her that people were wrong on the Internet, so I was busy, but came down about half an hour later to watch the ice dancing she'd taped.

I thought it was good that Glee fic writers were trying to write a multiracial Blaine.  Just as I think that many straight women writers of slash fiction and straight women authors of original fiction m/m romance don't really "get" writing gay characters, I understood people of color critiquing white writers who were not expert in portraying multiracial characters.  I don't think a writer necessarily needs lived experience to write about a topic, and think that a number of women writers do well writing about gay men.  I have my opinions about what women authors write gay characters well, and I like to see if gay men like Uly, TallCR and PaperMoon agree with me in my opinions about certain authors writing empathetically.  I don't feel I have enough information to judge whether a hapa-pilipino character is written accurately.

Later: I saw Dr. K.  I'd put on a few pounds.  He said my triglycerides were a little high.  I said I'd been eating a lot of starches and sweets, and should be eating more vegetables.  He asked about my thinning hair, whether it seemed I'd had any more hair loss.  I said I thought it was about the same.  I asked if there was anything for that, and he laughed quite a lot.  He is bald.  I said I knew there was Rogaine, and he said that there was Rogaine for Women.  He too thinks I should be getting exercise.  All the health care people I see say that.  I said I'd been thinking of joining a Y.

I went to the grocery store.  I picked up fish for dinner, tilapia filets.  I cooked basmati rice when I got home.

I looked on Wikipedia, and learned that there is a new Nick Fury, Nick Fury, Jr., who looks just like the movie version.  So it wasn't exactly just racebending the original character.  I liked the old one.  I haven't read any comics with the new one.  I suppose I am being reactionary.

Later still: Mom and I watched "New York."  I think we first started watching Glee together a few weeks ago when we were snowed in, and now Mom's seen two seasons.  I had her watch "Funk" before "Theatricality."  That was the originally intended running order, and how it aired in the reruns. 
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