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Sunday so far

I tried to go to sleep at 1:00 a.m., after being very tired from 9:00 p.m. on and making myself stay up.  Of course, as soon as I lay down, I was wide awake.  I got out of bed between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m., then lay down again, and fell asleep sometime after 3:00 a.m.  My alarm went off at 10:00 a.m., but I turned it off and dozed off again.  I woke at 11:30 a.m.  I felt very groggy.  I had been doing better.  I think being snowed in for three days didn't help.

I had Shooting Star tea.  The ball of tea leaves opened up, but the amaranth flowers didn't float up.  I did not want to put it in the microwave, as the last time I tried to microwave Shooting Star tea it turned out to be very messy.  This time, I poked at it with a teaspoon and got the amaranth flowers free.  It's green tea, so it doesn't have that much caffeine in it.

I finally got out of the house in the afternoon.  Mom and I went to an Entenmann's outlet.  We got various baked goods.  We went to a grocery store not far from there that has rather random things available.  It's different items on different days, with no pattern I can figure out.  I find it interesting to see what they have that day, although you can't depend on something being in stock on any given day.

I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for about an hour after we got home.  I read various things on the Internet.  There was a post with links to articles about disabled people and sex.  Several of the links were broken.  I read some of the articles that had working links.  There seemed to be some useful information in what I read.  I reblogged the post to have it to refer to.

I don't really have plans for today.  Mom and I might watch "New York."  I'll probably read more Avengers fic.  From all indications, Colton reads a lot of comic books, so I'll ask him some of my questions.  He's a big Captain America fan.

Later: I asked Colton questions about what of the Avengers fic was based on comic book canon.  I was aware that Hawkeye was deaf.  I didn't remember reading about his father being abusive, but it's in several fics.  I don't know if that's just fanon.  There are fics that have Bruce Banner's father being abusive, too, and I don't know if that was just made up by fic writers, either.

I've posted before about the Captain America movie having rewritten history by having an integrated unit during World War II, when the Army was still segregated.  I guess there's not enough time in a movie to go into the actual history.  I was surprised that Nick Fury was racebent in the movies, because I'd read so many Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic books, and had a vivid mental picture of him being white.  Yinsen was racebent to white in the first Iron Man movie.  I'd read Iron Man origin stories.  The movies may be setting up Tony Stark being an alcoholic, like in the comic books, as he drinks a lot in the movies.

I read a lot of Daredevil comics, including a number where he was associated with the Black Widow.  I knew Black Widow had been an antagonist of the superheroes for a while.  She was another Cold War character.  Black Widow apparently had actually worked with Hawkeye, so that's not just a movie invention.

In comic book canon, Tony Stark really was a weapons manufacturer.  Iron Man was captured in Viet Nam.  His captors were Communists.  A number of the villains he faced were Asian.  I'm sure there's been commentary about the Orientalism of the Iron Man comic books.

I realize it was necessary to update origins stories that had been set in the 1960s.  I know a lot less about the Avengers than I do about the X-Men.  I read some Avengers and West Coast Avengers comics, and some Captain America and Hulk comic books.  I read a Vision and the Scarlet Witch mini-series.  That had Magneto and Quicksilver in some of the issues.  Beast was an Avenger for a while.  I think at the time I was reading, Ant-Man and Wasp were Avengers, too.  Hawkeye, Iron Man and Captain America were Avengers.  Wonder-Man was on the West Coast Avengers, I think.  Carol Danvers may have been an Avenger.  I think she was called Ms. Marvel?  Rogue had fought her and absorbed her personality.  I read Hulk comic books.  I think he was associating with the Marvel versions of Greek gods at the time.  I don't remember if they were allies or opponents.  I think Hercules was an Avenger.

I read so many more X-Men comics than Avengers comics, though, I could pick up a lot more about the X-Men movies.  I finally saw X-Men: First Class a few months ago.  That was different from the origins stories I knew.  In the comic books, it was eventually revealed that Mystique and Destiny had been lovers.  The reveal came after Destiny had died, though.  I read plenty of battles between the X-Men and the various incarnations of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  I read New Mutants and Generation X.  Te of Teland and Jane St. Clair wrote Chamber and Skin fics.  I liked Chamber.  I think it was them that wrote Rictor and Shatterstar fics, too.  Similar happenings later came to pass in comic book canon.  I read the introduction of Rictor in X-Factor, when X-Factor was the original X-Men.  It must have been several years after that that Rictor was revealed to be bisexual.

I read Alpha Flight.  I had collected Alpha Flight comics for a few years before Northstar came out.  He was always intended to be gay, though.  Northstar later became an X-Man.  I don't know if there were X-Men other than Beast who were Avengers.  I think the X-Men had pretty good relations with the Avengers when Beast was an Avenger.

I hope Colton gets back to me.  My curiousity is piqued.
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