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Thursday so far

I went to bed around 11:30 p.m.  I slept well, and woke at 9:45 a.m., so that was good.

The people from the company we got the heat pump from came before I woke.  They said that the trouble with the heat pump was all the ice on the outside of it.  Dad had knocked some of the ice off it yesterday, but that was during the storm.  The heat pump folks knocked a lot more ice off the heat pump, and now it's working fine.

Last night's crashing sound from the back yard was a really big branch from an apple tree coming down.  Dad said the apple tree needed to be pruned anyway.

I had Jasmine Pearl tea.  The first cup was good, but the second cup had steeped too long.  I need to only give it a couple of minutes to steep, or it gets too strong.

The GKM has a list of kinks, and I don't know all of them by what they're called, especially the ones that use abbreviations.  Jamie sent me the list, and I sent back my list of which ones I didn't know the meaning of.  I am assuming "TPE" means total power exchange.  There was a total power exchange in One Real Thing, and I loved that book.  I've read others in m/m romance, and liked the ones where it was clear that it worked well for both partners, and that they enjoyed it.

Mom wants to go shopping today, if the roads are clear enough.  P. got from [borough] to the big shopping area by bus yesterday, so I assume the main roads between here and there are clear.  We saw on the news last night that power was out in places a mile or so from where we live, and that a tree was down across one of the more major roads in [semi-local town] that Mom had wanted to go to yesterday.  We were very lucky not to lose power.

Later: Mom and I went out to the grocery store.  The traffic light at a major intersection that leads in part to a limited access highway was out, and there were stop signs each way.  The intersection was backed up in all four directions, and it seemed rather dangerous to me.  People seemed to be obeying the stop signs, but there are three lanes going each way at the intersection, and people can turn right or left coming from some of those ways.  We were glad to get through that.

The grocery store itself was fine.  I saw P.  She didn't know whether the power in her apartment building would be back on when she got home.  I told her there was a shelter at [local university].  I tried to send her a text about it last night after the phone connection for our conversation acted up, but the text message didn't go through.

Mom and I headed home another way.  Part of it was on some of the back roads I usually take to get to the big shopping area.  Some of the traffic lights were working and some weren't.  We went by a train station, and the traffic light there wasn't working, but train service was still suspended anyway, so no-one was coming from the other direction.  The last section of road I take was closed off, so we cut through a development.  Big pine branches were down all over the development, though the little streets through the development were passable.  We were glad we could get through that development.  All in all it was pretty nervewracking.

Mom's university friend that she carpools with called.  H.M. said she still didn't have power back.  She lives a few miles away.

After we got home, we watched "The Substitute" and "Furt."  I think Mom is fairly into Kurt's story.

7000 of 9000 electric company customers in our township had their power affected by the storm. Apparently it was pretty bad in [borough], too.  In recent history in Philadelphia and its suburbs, the amount of power outages from this storm was second only to Hurricane Sandy.

I called S.M. and left a message.  I later called P.M. because I figured she'd know how S.M. was doing.  I left a message for her.  Parts of the Main Line got hit pretty hard by the ice storm, too.  Paoli Hospital lost power for a day, but they had a generator.

I told Likeasouffle I'd like to be a member of Archive of Our Own, and zie sent me an invitation.  I'll never write anything, but I had a busy evening bookmarking works I'd liked.  Some only had a couple of bookmarks.  I'm sure Jules would have given me an invitation if she had any to spare, but I don't e-mail Jules a lot.  I just read her LJ and her stories.

P. still didn't have power.  She said if she still didn't have power tomorrow, she'd go to spend the weekend with her brother C.
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