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Wednesday so far -- ice storm

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m.  I woke at 5:00 a.m. to a crunching noise outside my north window.  A couple of hours later, when it got light, I saw that some big branches had come off the sassafras trees that are by the north side of the house.  It looks like some branches broke off the pear tree and the apple trees out back.  Another tree in back of the house has a large branch bowed down so much that the smaller branches coming from it are on the roof.  The canes of the sweet briar are completely bent over, and some of those canes are eight feet long.  I don't think the sweet briar trunk has broken, though, just that the canes are bent to the ground.

The heat pump was making strange noises, so Dad shut it off.  It will continue to get colder in the house.  The outside temperature is around freezing (32 degrees F).  The lights flickered several times between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m.  A lot of PECO (Philadelphia Electric something) customers are without power.

Later: Dad turned the heat back on after an hour or two.  The heat pump didn't make those strange noises anymore.  Latest I heard was that 500,000 PECO customers were without power.  So far we've been lucky.

Early afternoon: Nearly 600,000 PECO customers are without power.  The lights in the house flicker occasionally.  More big branches fell off the sassafras trees.  The heat pump started making very loud strange noises again.  Dad turned it off again.  It's slightly above freezing outside.

Someone from the company we got the heat pump from called us back.  The company is closed today.  They don't have power.  The person told Dad to turn on the emergency heat, and they'll probably come out tomorrow to take a look at the heat pump.

Later afternoon: I texted J.-PA.  Her power was out.  I called P. and left a message.  I don't know if P. went to work today or not.  It would still have been sleet or freezing rain and very icy roads at the time she would have gone to get the bus to work.

Mom really, really wanted to go to a grocery store in [semi-local town], so she and Dad set out.  Within a couple of miles of the house, two traffic lights were out and they saw wires down, in addition to all the branches along the road.  They turned around and came back when they saw the power lines down.

A friend of online friends said she lived in Bryn Mawr, so I suggested meeting at the library there to talk Glee.  Obviously we won't be traveling today, but maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Early evening: Mom and I watched the weather.  We got half an inch of ice in our area.  That's on top of all the snow we got the other day.  P. called back.  She'd lost power.

Later: I talked with Likearumchocolatesouffle for three hours.

J.-PA texted to say she'd gotten power back.

Half a million people lost power in southeastern Pennsylvania.  There was a crashing noise from the back yard around 10:00 p.m., which I assume was a tree or at least some large branches going down.
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