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Friday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. and woke at 10:00 a.m.  I thought about going back to sleep, but decided that I should stay up.  I wasn't groggy or anything, just not ambitious.

I went out to the grocery store.  I didn't get anything perishable.  I went to a Staples, and got another $15 e-reader cover.  The ones meant specifically for a Kindle were $40.  The one I got worked for the Kindle Touch, the Kobo Touch, and the basic Kindle, so it said.  I went to Barnes & Noble.  They were having a sale on Nook covers.  Dad takes the pink cover off my Nook when he uses it, so I got a black "industriell" cover.  That cover was $10.  Now I have sufficiently manly-looking covers for all the e-readers.

I looked at the e-readers themselves.  The Simple Touch is $60 now, and this year's Nook with Glowlight is $119.  I talked to D., who teaches some of the Intro to Nook classes.  She said Dad should get a Nook of his own, since he's been reading mine.  I had been thinking that I should get him a Nook of his own.

I went to Best Buy, to look there.  The Kindle was $119.  I assume that was this year's.  They had a sale on Nooks.  The Simple Touch was $40 and the Nook with Glowlight was $60.  I asked the associate if the Nook with Glowlight was last year's.  He said it was newer than the Simple Touch, but that it wasn't this year's.  I decided to get it.  I really like the one I have, and that one was the same model.  That way I don't have to go find mine in among Dad's stuff.

Later: I organized the Nook books I had onto shelves on the new Nook, and side-loaded a bunch of books.  I organized them all onto the shelves.

I read the latest chapter of Shandyall's historical AU.  I wrote to her about it.  I'm enjoying it.  It jumps around in time, so I'll be able to appreciate it fully when it's done, but I like what I've read so far.

Later still: Mom and I watched "Bad Reputation" and "Laryngitis."  She asked if that was it for the first season, and I told her that there were still four more episodes.  I said maybe we could watch them over the weekend.
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