neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Monday so far

I went to the grocery store, then to a Staples.  I had looked at Kindle cases at Best Buy, and they were $40.  I imagine they're $40 from Amazon, too.  I saw that at Staples they were $40 as well, but there were ones that would hold a few different kinds of e-reader for $15.  It worked for the Kindle Touch and the Kobo Touch, which is useful.  I wanted to get the pink one, but I got the black one.  Dad wouldn't use a cover if it was pink.  I had a perfectly good pink case for the Kobo Touch, and he doesn't use it.  I also got writing pads.  I like the 8 1/2" by 11" ones.  It's harder to find those than legal-sized pads, but Staples had them.  I write out a lot in longhand before typing it out, or instead of typing it out.

I worked on an editing job.  It's really cute, with baby dragons.  I imagine women who like children would love it, too.  Well, those women who read m/m romance, anyway.

Later: Mom and I watched "Ballad" and "Hairography."  I still can't believe she's watched so far.
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