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Saturday so far

I listened to music last night to unwind, and fell asleep in the computer chair, which was very uncomfortable.  I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. or so, and went to sleep again very quickly.  I woke a bit before 9:00 a.m.

Mom and I had been talking about going to the ALA (American Library Association) meeting in Philadelphia, but Mom was unable to get passes in time.  I called J. at 9:30 a.m. and, after he talked with K., they said they'd come up for a visit.  It started snowing, and there's probably an inch or so of snow on the driveway now.

J. and K. should be here soon.

Later: J. called to say that he and K. were stopping at a car dealership a few miles from the house to get J.'s car worked on.  Mom and I went out to go get them, but when Mom called to say we were on our way, J. said not to, that it should only take about forty more minutes.  Mom and I went back to the house.  J. and K. eventually made it to the house.  We ate lunch at 3:00 p.m.  They didn't stay long.  They wanted to at least start on their way back to Baltimore before it was dark.  It was nice to see them, though.

I started reading Shandyall's historical AU.  It's not complete, but she said she had 18 of the 20 chapters written, and would post every Tuesday and Saturday.  It's up to Chapter 13 now.  It would be very easy for her to change the names and publish it as original fiction, since the settings and situations are so different.

Later still: J. called to say that he and K. had gotten home safe.  He said the worst part was trying to get out of our street.  I watched from the window as they made several attempts to get the car up on the main road, but they finally did it.

I watched parts of "Comeback" and most of "Blame It On the Alcohol."  They were this week's CW reruns.  A bit of "Blame It On the Alcohol" was cut to make it more mysterious for the viewers as to who was in Kurt's bed.  I had seen the bit with Burt coming up the stairs asking Kurt questions and Kurt sitting at his dressing table and answering Burt, so I knew that was what was cut.  The part with Blaine asking "Where am I?" was still good, though.  "Blame It On the Alcohol" is still a favorite episode of mine, despite Kurt's biphobia.  I've seen my share of meta that said he was projecting.  Kurt knew about gay life and history, but wasn't up on the other letters of GLBT.  Unique educated him on the T in "Saturday Night Glee-ver."  I suppose Brittany educated him in a way on the bi part.  I like the songs in the episode, though.  It also has that infamous line of Rachel's about how Blaine could give her "vaguely Eurasian-looking children."  I'm sure the writers were well aware of Darren Criss' Filipino heritage.  He's proud of it.

Mom and I watched "Throwdown" and "Mash-Up."  There are bits I like in each episode.  The lines about how Finn would look back on high school when he was old were very sad to me, though.  I like that part where Kurt slushies himself and tells Finn that he was taking one for the team.  It shows Kurt's character.  It's still odd to me that Mom's been watching this far.  I'm curious to see how far she gets.
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