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Thursday so far

There hasn't been a whole lot of Thursday for me yet.  I went to bed around 1:00 a.m., very sleepy, but didn't fall asleep right away.  I think it was closer to 2:00 a.m. when I fell asleep, and I woke at 10:30 a.m.  I was not moving fast.

I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp and worked on a proofreading/editing job.  It was a review of the new show "Looking" that's on HBO.  I searched for it on iTunes and found the first episode as a free podcast.  I didn't know it was a podcast.  I watched the episode.  I thought it was pretty good.  It's the story of three gay men living in San Francisco.  They are friends, and they're negotiating relationships and potential relationships.  Jonathan Groff plays one of the characters, Patrick.


As the show starts, Patrick is trying his first hookup in a park.  I thought it was funny because he was talking to the other man, who told him to stop talking, and trying to kiss the man, who didn't want to kiss.  Then Patrick's phone rang and he said he should get it.  Patrick had no idea how a hookup was supposed to go.  He and his friends thought he was all daring now, "a pervert."

Another of Patrick's friends was moving in with his boyfriend, but apparently didn't want to be tied down too much, because he got them into a menage.  He and his boyfriend need to negotiate what boundaries they want to put on the relationship, but as long as they're actually communicating about it and they're safe, they might do okay.  Considering it's a TV show, I expect drama.

Another, Dom, lives with his ex-girlfriend, and they're friends now, which is nice.  Dom has worked as a waiter for a long time.

I'm not too sure of the names of the other characters besides Patrick and Dom, but I suppose I'll learn.  Depending if the show continues to be free, or at least cheap, I will keep watching.

Back in real life, I eventually got going, and out and about.  I got my new glasses.  The old ones were all scratched up and foggy.  I can see much better with the new ones.  I stopped at the Triple A and got maps and TourBooks for Pennsylvania and the one for Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Maryland and Virginia.  I got a waterproof case that's meant for tablets, but that I want to use for e-readers.  The Sony 950 isn't holding a charge very well, but I did have it on sleep for a day or so.  Usually it holds a charge for much longer.

Mom's new cell phone battery came.  I tried it in her phone, and it was taking a charge, so that's something.  She took Dad's phone to work with her.  She's working the evening shift today.

I finished up an editing job.

I thought more about the show and actors.  I had only seen Jonathan Groff play Jesse St. James, who was a straight character.  I thought there was good chemistry between Jesse and Rachel.  Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele are very close friends, so they've said, and they show it.  There was a Glee Behind the Scenes where Jon was talking and had his arm around Lea the whole time.  They starred in a play together for quite some time.  Perhaps the real life friendship contributed to the chemistry.

One writer wrote an article saying that if he knew an actor was gay, he didn't think they were convincing playing straight characters, and one of the actors he specifically named was Jon.  Jon said something along the lines of how an actor gets critiqued for one thing or another.  Perhaps he said that he didn't take it personally.  I'll have to find the quote, but it wasn't angry.  I thought it was classy.

For me, it's different to see Jon playing a gay character.  From a Behind the Scenes of Looking, he said he felt a deep connection to the show.  I'm happy for him that Patrick is a character he really enjoys playing.

In another Glee Behind the Scenes, Cory Monteith talked about how Finn and Jesse were antagonists, but that off camera Jon was the sweetest guy.  I think of it as another example of how I can not like a character -- Jesse made for a great love-to-hate villain -- but wish an actor well.
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