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Well, we're having what seems to be more or less a blizzard.  Maybe not technically a blizzard, but definitely a pretty good winter storm.  I didn't have anywhere I had to be today, which I was happy about.  We're supposed to get about a foot of snow.  Poor Dad was out shoveling parts of the driveway this morning, and a couple of hours later, it didn't look like he'd done anything at all.  His coat and hat and gloves were soaked.  He spent the rest of the day resting and watching TV, so he seems to be all right.  I bet his shoulders will be sore tomorrow from the lifting.  I just watched the snow come down.  Mom spent most of the day in bed, but she seemed very happy to have a day like that.  She napped and read her book, and eventually took a bath sometime in the afternoon.
The jasmine is full of bloom, and I'm enjoying the heck out of having such a deliciously-scented flowering plant in my room.
I've been surfing the web, looking at a couple of the blogs I read, and all the LJs I regularly read.  I started my editing, and book three in this series is heavily reminding me of books one and two.  I think the author is going to throw in more BDSM to liven things up.  The first couple of books had a fair amount of bondage.  (Edited to add: I finished my first run-through of the edit, and it was very good once I got into it.  It didn't have any more bondage than the other books, and just a bit of spanking.  I'll go over it again another time or two, and turn it in Tuesday or so.) 

I kept clicking on the ARe links to look at the Days of Christmas e-book up today, but it still said $5.50.  When I saw the second mention of the free book, on the m/m romance fans Yahoo group, I decided to try and see if it would do a discount midway through the purchasing process, which it did.  I probably would have gotten yesterday's book if I'd figured that out yesterday.  But I'll know for tomorrow.  I totally would have gotten J.M. Snyder's book, Cowboy, if I'd seen that was free that day.  I looked at her websites today ( and, to see if she had any little Christmas goodies up.  She has quite a few free short stories available, so I read those.  I also saw that Power Play was available on Fictionwise, and that's one I've been dying to read.  I haven't ordered from Amazon since I got a gift certificate from there last Christmas, so getting it as an e-book was fine with me -- and it was on sale there at Fictionwise.

I also got The Tin Star and The Broken H as e-books, since they were both on sale, too.  Now I can lend out my paperback copies.  I picked up Arresting Developments, also.  I'd finally read Josh Lanyon's story, "In a Dark Wood," when I picked up The Collected Novellas.  I'd been wanting to read James' story.  I'm slowly acquiring a collection of her books.  I got the Taking the Odds books and associated Toy Box stories as soon as I knew they were available, but I'm getting other books, too.  (  I'm putting in all these links lately for S.'s benefit.  S., read the free story about the blue duck.  It's a hilarious bit of crackiness.  I can lend out the paperback of Hard Fall, since I got that in e-book, also.  With Fictionwise, you can use PayPal, which works for me.

I've been ordering books every so often from Giovanni's Room.  It's more expensive that Amazon, but it's one way I show my support of the hometown bookstore.  Actually, I'd love to check out the branch of Lambda Rising that's in Rehoboth, Delaware, also, but I need to find someone who knows the town and where to park.  I'm fine going in the spring or fall, before and after the season.  I'll have to talk to M.  Well, I'm traveling mentally, even if I'm going nowhere physically. 
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