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Saturday so far

I turned the computer off pretty early, then sat up until around 2:00 a.m.  I slept until 10:00 a.m., so that was pretty good.

It was supposed to rain all day, which it did, so I wasn't really planning on going out.  We ended up doing a family shopping trip.  I got gasoline, we stopped at the liquor store for sherry for Mom, and I met J.-PA.  We went to the grocery store where she works, and I saw a person with a [J. name] nametag go past me.  J.-PA had said there were four people named [J. name] who worked at the store, so I said, "[J. name], does [my name] mean anything to you?  We've been talking online."  That didn't make a connection.

I think J.-PA just heard the "talking" part, and said, "You should see the person at the service desk."  Apparently a [J. name] person works at the service desk, too.

I said J.-PA's last name, and she said that was her.  "E-mail and texting?" I said.

"Oh, Glee!" she said, and then she knew who I was.  We talked a little bit, but she had to get back to work.  I caught up with Mom and Dad.  We finished our shopping there.

Mom and I dropped Dad off at the house with the perishables, and headed to the usual grocery store.  We got many things there.  I got sage for the next time we do homemade stuffing.  Mom didn't think we really needed it, but I said she would thank me in November.  Plus I like to have the full range of herbs and spices.  I have a pretty comprehensive collection of baking spices, but I'm weaker on the savory herbs.

We saw M.H. there, who I'd met when I took Hebrew classes.  We caught up with her a little bit.  We saw her again, with her husband J.H., get on line behind us.

J.-PA texted me to say it had been nice to meet me.  I e-mailed her back.

I watched the CW Glee reruns of "Special Education" and "A Very Glee Christmas."  In "Special Education," Rachel asks Kurt if he'd ever thought about his own funeral, that she had.  Kurt said no.  Rachel said that she pictured hers, and the regrets others would have.  She talked about "Finn throwing himself in the grave out of grief."  At the time, it was Rachel being melodramatic.  Now it's very sad.

In "A Very Glee Christmas," Kurt and Blaine did their first Christmas duet, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."  It's a tradition.  This year they had the alternate universe, so no Klaine duet, but maybe they'll do it next year.
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