neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

early Friday

I watched "Love, Love, Love" and "A Katy and a Gaga" again.

I loved the Kurt and Blaine and Kurt and Burt scenes in "Love, Love, Love."

I loved the performance of "Marry the Night" and the boys' costumes in "A Katy or a Gaga."  I particularly appreciated Sam and Blaine's costumes in "Applause."  I couldn't really recognize Blaine as Blaine with his hair so different.  Only his voice sounded the same.  If I see a picture of Darren Criss with his hair in its natural curls, with a few days of stubble and with glasses, I know it's not a picture of him playing a character.  Pictures of him with his hair ruthlessly gelled, face clean-shaven and no glasses is usually in character as Blaine.  Tons of hair gel and wearing capri pants is definitely a picture of Blaine.  Darren Criss said something like that Blaine wore "tight pants that are unhealthy for any man to wear."  The Gaga outfits that the guys wore were really more like something Kurt would wear, except more revealing than Kurt would wear.  Kurt usually wears tight clothes, but several layers of clothes.  Tina said that New Directions had lost their biggest Gaga when Kurt had graduated.  His Lady Gaga outfit in "Theatricality" was pretty wild.  The remaining New Directions members who saw that costume are Artie and Tina.  The graduates who were there in the first season would remember it, too.  The New Directions members of the second season would remember his "Born This Way" performance with the "Likes Boys" T-shirt.

Kurt of "A Katy or a Gaga" said he wanted mainstream acceptance and not to be challenging.  That's never going to happen for Kurt.  He was grieving when he said it, but his existence challenges people and he's never going to get the kind of mainstream acceptance that Blaine can get.  Really, he knows this.
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